Monday, August 31, 2009

a couple of pictures

I typed my post about the weekend from my laptop last night so I couldn't upload any pictures. Here are a few:

This is the diaper and wipes holder I made for our baby girl. I have one for Ethan and they are SO handy. It holds a few diaper and a little thingy of wipes. I keep it in the diaper bag, then that's all I have to pull out if we're out somewhere and I need to change him.

This is a picture of our niece Jenelle at her 5th birthday party on Saturday.
Before we left we tried to take a picture with her. Ethan was very tired by this point (and in his jammies) and my belly was hiding her face, lol.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A few things I've learned lately...

  • To appreciate the little things as seen through the eyes of my toddler.
  • That even though I am a stay at home mom, I am working for the Lord (and working hard, it's a tough job!).
  • That (as Jolene put it so well) I have a love/hate relationship with TUMS.
  • I can pick up so many things with my toes.
  • It's so much easier to take care of a sick child when my hubby is home to help me.
  • I can actually get tired of eating delicious baked goods.
  • That a 110 degree dry heat is SO much better than a 110 humid heat (but still hot!).
  • That I've never appreciated and enjoyed family as much as I have since having a child of my own.

A sick weekend

This weekend ended up being a bit rough. Ethan woke up with a fever Saturday morning and was sick all day. We hung out at home in the morning and gave him Motrin. I washed baby clothes and Matt got all of our windows cleaned (they needed it in a bad way). We had planned on taking Ethan swimming all morning but nixed that since he was sick. Instead we tried putting him down for his nap at my in law's and just swimming by ourselves. Matt and I enjoyed being in the pool together for about 20 minutes before Ethan woke up VERY early and VERY upset from his nap. He only ended up napping for 45 minutes and woke up very upset. So we headed home and layed low for a while. I gave Ethan popcicles and tried to keep him hydrated.

At around 5:00 we headed over to Mike & Heather's to wish Jenelle a happy birthday. They had a party planned for her and we at least wanted to stop by for a bit since we had planned on going. Ethan did pretty well and we were able to stay for burgers.

My poor little guy fell asleep on the way home at 6:45. Matt put him down and I went and rented a movie (I Love You Man... it was so-so). Ethan woke up twice before we went to bed, he had chills, a sweaty head, and was just miserable. We figured we'd have a long night with him, but thankfully he ended up sleeping from all the way from 9:30 until 6:00 this morning (thank you was an answer to prayer).

Today wasn't super easy either. We missed church, but watched on the internet and hung out at home until 2:30. Ethan was very crabby today but thankfully really didn't have a fever. He just had those sad sick eyes and was miserable. While he took another too short nap I was able to sew a diaper and wipes holder for our baby girl (I'll post a pic tomorrow). We went over to my mom's at 2:30 and enjoyed a yummy dinner. Ethan fell asleep again on the way home at 7:00.

I'm praying my poor boy wakes up tomorrow feeling much better and has his spunk back. It's never easy when your kids are sick... especially if they are crabby and crying for half the day! I'm also praying I stay healthy too as I'm in my last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner with the Flores'

We try to get together with our good friends the Flores' a few times a month for dinner. I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of us in quite a while. Thursday we went over to their house for dinner.

Jolene and I with our babies in the belly. Jolene is 32 weeks with baby Jonathan and I am 37 weeks with our baby girl. Pretty soon we'll have four kiddos running around instead of just two!
Danny does a great job playing with the boys and wearing them out. They have so much fun with him. He was chasing them around the house, swinging them, doing "airplane" and makign them laugh and giggle. I think they wear him out even more!
Ethan thought it was so much fun when Danny was swinging him around
Ethan likes to show his belly to people :)
Nothing like bath time with your buddy :)
After bath time comes our favorite part of the evening.... bed time! We put the boys down to bed and enjoy a few hours of adult time. Ethan still does a good job sleeping in the Pack n Play at their house, so it is great. I know we won't be able to do that for too much longer (plus soon we'll have 4 kids to worry about), but it sure has been nice thus far. We're grateful to have such wonderful friends :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random stuff

  • I am slowly getting things crossed off my to-do list before the baby arrives. I've done not so exciting things like cleaning out the infant carrier and washing blankets and clothes. I've also done a few fun things like make some hair bows and headbands (I'll post pics when I get a chance).
  • I am amazed at how much Ethan is talking these days. He says a lot of short sentences and he's fun to have little conversations with. For so long the talking was mostly one sided, so it's fun for me to have him answer. He talks and jabbers all day long. This morning he was mooing (which is funny.... he gives a really long emphasized "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"), and Matt asked him "what moos?". He replied "I moo." haha. It was cute.
  • Ethan's latest obsession is throwing toys into our plants. We don't care for this at all, and have not been letting him do it, but as soon as I turn my back he's at it again. I'm ending up with some squished plants in the backyard :( I really don't understand his amusement with this.
  • Yesterday was the last Bible study at church for the series I did this summer on Esther. I am starting a new study in a couple of weeks at Trinity, along with T-Moms (their mom group). I may not make the first sessions because they are right when the baby is due, so we'll see :)
  • While I want my baby girl to stay inside my tummy a tad longer, I am to the point where I am SO ready to have my body back. I look very forward to being able to easily bend down again, not have back pain, wear my regular clothes again and feel cute (yes, I know, that may be a while, lol), and to be able to pick up Ethan easily.
  • Now that I am at the end of my pregnancy (37 weeks tomorrow), I am not sleeping well at all. I don't think I have more than a couple hours in a row in a while. I wake up to use the restroom and chance positions A LOT. The odd thing is that I don't feel like I'm that uncomfortable. I try not to keep count and I NEVER look at the clock because frankly I'd rather not know. One thing I learned with all my stupid insomnia and sleep issues is that it doesn't matter what time it is, looking at the clock just makes me think about it and worry about it. I know pretty soon I'll be up taking care of a baby in the night, so who knows how long it will be before I feel rested. I'll tell you one thing, once I finally do feel rested, I will REALLY appreciate it. I've pretty much been tired for all of 2009 (since becoming pregnant).
  • Lately Ethan wants to play with Cookie, so he gets one of her toys and starts playing tug-o-war. Well, as soon as she takes her toy he has a meltdown and is very upset. I guess I'm getting a little taste of sibling rivalry huh?
  • It got HOT yesterday and is supposed to be hotter today (104). I can handle heat like this as long as it stays dry. It's the humidity that kills me. I suppose this is normal August weather. We've gotten lucky and had a very mild August thus far.
  • I'm going to take Ethan swimming at my in law's in a bit. Then tonight we will go to Danny and Jolene's for dinner (yay).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last weekend

Last Saturday we had a fun morning. I never posted the pictures and they are cute, so I wanted to share. We started out by having breakfast at Matt's parents house along with his brother Mike and his family. My mother in law made delicious cinnamon rolls from scratch, which we all enjoyed. We ate outside and the kiddos had fun running around in the backyard.

Amazingly I was able to get a cute picture with Ethan. That is a rare occasion :)
Matt and Ethan also took a cute picture together. Oh how I love my boys :)

Ethan LOVES the rocket swing at Grandma and Grandpas. He could swing in it forever.

We only stayed at breakfast until 9:45 because we went straight to Christian's 2nd birthday party. Jolene made some delicious appetizers (which unfortunately I didn't take a picture of) and the house was decorated SO cute. There were about 7 little toddlers there and they had fun running around, playing, fighting, and making a mess :) They were all pooped by the end of the party!

Here is a picture of the birthday boy with his cupcake.
Ethan enjoyed a few bites of a cupcake. Unfortunately he had a meltdown because he wanted to take one bite out of several cupcakes, lol. It was naptime so he wasn't exactly at his best :)
Christian was a pro at opening presents this year. His mama had to slow him down because he was plowing right through them :)
Here is a picture of Ethan telling Matt something.
I still can't believe that Christian is two, and in just another two months Ethan will be as well! It seems like yesterday we had these boys. Now we'll be adding two more little babies to the bunch :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maternity photos

Today after church I had Matt take some maternity pictures of me. I didn't want anything fancy, just some cute belly shots to scrapbook and remember. We didn't do half bad for hack photographers :) I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant... getting closer to meeting my baby girl every day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Swimming at Grandma's

We went swimming twice this week at my mother in law's house. She had us and Heather and her kids over. They are trying to get some good practice in the water with the kids (kinda doing their own swim lessons). Ethan had a blast swimming with his cousins. He has gotten so good in the water! He can now actually kick his feet and move all across the pool in his floaties (before he would just kinda float in the same place and not know how to move). Yesterday he even worked up the nerve to jump off the diving board. He is such a water boy!

It was nice to spend the mornings swimming. It feels so good to be in the pool at this point in my pregnancy... for just a little bit I don't have to feel so heavy :) The weather was gorgeous both days we swam (today it's kinda icky... humid and stormy looking).

Ethan ate his lunch on the warm cement
Grandma and Jenelle swimming
I can't forget this happy lil' guy. He didn't swim but he was quite content sitting in his carrier or being held. He is almost 6 months.
After the kids swam they played on the swing-set for a few minutes. Jenelle was kind enough to push Ethan in the rocket swing.
Thanks for having us over mom, we had fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ready to stroll

My very kind and generous brother bought us not one, but BOTH of the double strollers that we (well, mostly I) wanted :) Matt just put together the jogging stroller tonight. The other stroller I went with is this Combi, double lightweight one. It's still in the box in the garage. We'll put it together soon.

I am super excited about both strollers. I looked around forever trying to figure out what I wanted. Thank you SO MUCH bro, you are too kind and generous!!!!!
I'm slowly getting more and more things together around here for the arrival of our baby girl. I still have a lot on my to-do list, but I'm feeling more and more ready. On Monday I made three meals and froze them. It feels good to know I have a few things in the freezer for those days I will be too tired to cook.