1 month old

Yesterday Alayna was one month old. I seems like time goes so much faster with the second baby. Maybe it's because I'm much busier this time around taking care of her and a toddler. She is doing great and is a pretty good baby. She's getting a little better about being happy when she's put down, and is even sleeping on her own in the pack and play once in a while. We love her to pieces!

The teddy bear in this picture was given to us by the hospital. I'll be taking her monthly pictures next to it, like I did with Ethan and his teddy bear.


Patty said…
A month already!! That did fly by! Super cute pic. She is just precious!
Amy said…
Wow! That has gone so fast...she is so cute!
Tawny said…
Pictures do not do your little angel justice! She is so much more precious in person! Can't believe a month has already passed!!!
Brigitte said…
Beautiful! Can't believe it is a month already. Time does fly! Enjoy it...2 years seems to come even faster.
The Keilers said…
I can't believe it! I love those little ears, I just want to kiss em!
Julie said…
What? Sofia never got a teddy bear. :0)

Very cute. I can't believe how quickly that month went!

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