3 weeks old

This week my mom took the week off work and hung out with us. It was so nice to have her here to help and have the company.

Monday I took Ethan and she stayed with Alayna while I went to the grocery store. I spent the rest of the day cooking and baking and then we took dinner over to the Flores family.

Tuesday we packed the kids up and went to Costco. We enjoyed a cheap lunch of hot dogs and frozen yogurt... so healthy :) Later that day she took Ethan out on a special date while we hosted our weekly dinner with friends. She took him to McDonalds and then to Big Lots where he picked out two new cars. It was really cute how excited he was to go on a "date" with Grandma. It was also nice not to have him underfoot here while we hosted dinner.

Wednesday we spent the entire morning cleaning my house. Jerrod ended up coming over for the day as well, and he played with Ethan ALL day long. Ethan had so much fun, and even tired Jerrod out :) After we all rested/took naps my mom and I ran to Ross where we picked up a new pair of shoes for Ethan (he has outgrown ALL his other shoes). We came home and prepared a delicious pork tenderloin for dinner.

Thursday we went to Cabazon for a few hours. I found Ethan another pair of shoes at the Stride Rite outlet for only $10.oo... score! I also found four super cute shirts at the Charlotte Russe outlet. Three of them were only $5.00 each... another score! My mom ended up getting them for me for my birthday present (along with some cute earrings and bracelets). We ate lunch at Ruby's and headed home for naps.

Friday I went over to my mom's. My brother was there all day, as it was his day off. We set up the bounce house for Ethan and he had fun playing in it. After he napped we walked up to the park by her house. It was great to have my mom for the week. I'll miss her next week when I'm alone with the kids and facing reality :)

While my mom was here she taught Ethan how to sing his ABCs. It is SO cute. We get a kick out of it every time he does it. He didn't even know how to sing before. Here is a picture of Ethan "reading" a book to Alayna on my mom's lap.
Uncle Jerrod playing with Ethan
And here are several shots of miss Alayna who is three weeks old.


Kelly said…
She is looking more and more alert already. It is so sad yet exciting to how quickly they grow.

Hope this week you are able to get as much accomplishment as you did this past week.
Christy said…
Shes so sweet. You had a BUSY week girl. Looking forward to trying to connect next week....finally! :)
Marisa said…
It looks like you are getting a ton of stuff done with your Mom's help. I loved it when my Mom took time off to be with me when Ashlyn and Dylan were born. Alayna is precious!
Kelly said…
But what is really sad is how I type faster than my brain processes so I forget words like "see" and write them in the wrong form, accomplished.

Tawny said…
Beautiful pictures! So Travis is sitting on my lap as I look and he starting cooing at Alayna's pictures...it was so funny! He obviously thinks she's cute too :)
Mark Leonard said…
Those photos are awesome!
SSchenkel said…
Alayna's pictures are so precious! Love them! And I love that Ethan's face is red after playing so hard with Uncle Jerrod! How wonderful to have family nearby.

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