Dinner at the Flores'

Last Monday we packed up and brought dinner to the Flores family. We got to see cute little Jonathan again. Jolene's mom was out for the week and so my mom came along as well. Our parents knew each other from when we all went to church together back in the day. It was fun to visit and share a meal with them. Being that our babies are so close in age, Jolene and I get to go through the foggy haze of sleep deprivation together this time around :)

Here are the Grandmas with their newest grand babies
Jonathan and Alayna... only a week and a half apart :)
A messy Ethan eating his dinner
Christian riding the truck
The big brothers played well together


Christy said…
Oh man those boys are so cute looking through the door you locked them out of. ;) So much fun that you all could hang out.
I cant believe how big the boys look compared to the little ones now!
Tawny said…
What fun! Ethan probably loved seeing his buddy! How fun to have the new babies so close too!

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