Greenspot Farms

Today I took the kids to Greenspot Farms with my mom's group (Tmoms). Faith and her kiddos came too. Ethan had fun running around with them. It was a nice cold day and we actually got to wear jackets to the pumpkin patch (oftentimes in October we're still wearing shorts and tank tops). Alayna stayed nice and warm in my sling.

This place was so cute. We got to tour the honey house, go in a hay maze, pet a baby duck and bunny, see pigs, a horse, a cow, goats, chickens and peacocks, pick pumpkins and then go on a tractor ride. Ethan had a blast running around and seeing all the fun things. It's fun that he's finally at an age that he thinks things like this are fun. Whenever we take him to do something fun we tell him we are taking him on a date. When Matt got home Ethan told him that Mama took him on a special date to get a pumpkin :) It was such a fun morning.

Faith brought along her point and shoot camera, and I stole these cute pictures from her blog. I LOVE the one of Ethan smiling with the pumpkins.


Heather Hekman said…
Glad it was fun for Ethan. Our kids love our "family dates" that we try to do once a week. Very cute pictures.
SSchenkel said…
How fun! We'll have to take Aliyah there. She would love the animals.

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