Hallo-Wii 2009

Last night we had our third annual "Hallo-wii" party at the Odenbaughs. We get dressed up, have dinner, and play some Wii :) Leighann made a soup plantation dinner... lots of yummy salad makings and 4 kinds of sup, it was delicious! We had so much fun :)

We went as 80s rockers... don't you love that hair?
James and Faith as characters from the Wizard of Oz
Jeff and Carmen... a plug and an outlet
The Odenbaughs... an alien family
The whole gang
The guys

Rocking out with the Wii
The girls


Kelly said…
Except for your hair, I can't believe I've actually seen very similar outfits on people right now...20 years after the 80's!!! :)
The Keilers said…
The earrings! SO 80s. But cute :). And you guys rocked it well :).

The plug and the outlet. Hmmm. Well. Interesting placement of the plug.

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