Matt's 31st Birthday

Monday was Matt's 31st birthday. We had our families over on Sunday evening for dinner and a little celebration. The weather was awesome so we enjoyed being outside. We barbecued up some brats and had a "summer" meal. It was a nice get together.

Here is Heather holding Alayna
Matt with the cheesecake my mom made him. It is his birthday request every year.

"What's wrong with eating chips for dinner mom?"

Uncle Jerrod and Ethan kicking the ball around. Ethan loves to kick his little ball around the yard. Jerrod hopes Ethan will follow in his footsteps and be a soccer player.
Ethan loves his "papa"

Clayton and Ethan... cousins
Mike & Jenelle sharing a giggle
Sid holding Alayna

Mr. Stephen... my youngest nephew. He's just about 8 months now
Unfortunately the only people I didn't get a picture of were both Grandmas! Bummer :(


Kelly said…
Chris's favorite dessert is Cheesecake too. Looks like a fun birthday. :)
Crystal said…
That's so neat you guys always spend so much time together :). Family is priceless.
Christy said…
So fun. Glad Matt had a great birthday. I loved seeing you guys yesterday and anytime you need that sweet little girl put to sleep head on over. ;)

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