My 28th Birthday

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. To celebrate my mom made me a delicious meal the day before (Sunday). At my request she made crab legs, a sinful cheesy potato dish, rolls, fresh green beans and wine. For desert we had brownies and ice cream. We went over after church and spent the afternoon relaxing, playing a little Farkle, going for a walk, and then pigging out. Thanks for a delicious birthday meal mom!

If you're wondering about the brown scarf thing I always have on... it's my sling, with Alayna inside :) She still doesn't like being set down so much, so it's quite convenient to carry her in the sling.

On my actual birthday I packed up the kids and met the mom's group from church up in Oak Glen. We had a picnic and enjoyed the cool weather. The kids all had fun running around and the mom's enjoyed visiting (as much as they could between chasing after their kids). It was a lot of fun.

Shortly after coming home for naps I was surprised when I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers. My brother in law Dan sent them to me for my birthday. What a fun surprise :)

Ethan gifted me with a nice three hour nap and I relaxed and watched my Tivoed Grey's Anatomy and closed my eyes for a bit. After Matt got home from work the four of us went to BJs for dinner. We enjoyed some yummy pizza, salad, beer and of course a pizookie. Ethan was a good boy and we had a very nice dinner :)

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made me feel special!


Genn said…
Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a very nice one.
Brigitte said…
Happy belated Birthday. It looks like you had an amazing weekend! How fun. I have to learn this "Frakle" game that I keep hearing about. Anyway have a great week! (Love the picture of your mom with your adorable little baby girl).
Charlee said…
I have a strange suggestion but with Aubree she had to be swaddled and I used a sleep positioner so she felt like something eas against her and then she slept better on her own you can also use rolled up receiving blankets
Amy said…
Happy Late Birthday!
Eileen said…
What a great birthday! Awesome images! Such a blessed family!!!
Rhonda said…
Happy VERY BELATED birthday.
Looks like you had a great day.
Christy said…
Glad you had such a great birthday friend. :)

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