My first week at home with the kids

Last week was my first full week at home with both kids by myself. It went better than I expected. Monday was my birthday, Tuesday we went walking (with the new jogging stroller) and then stayed home all day, Wednesday we made it to Bible study (I joined one at Trinity), Thursday we went walking and stayed home again, and Friday was T-moms. I made it out of the house 3 mornings! I was quite proud of myself, especially since two of those mornings Matt was already gone when the kids got up, so I did it all on my own AND made it to Redlands by 9 am. I have to hand it to you mom's who get out of the house to go to work with your kiddos by 7:00... that takes hard work!

Today I went to Target with both the kids by myself. It was actually the first time I went to a store with both of them alone. I had to bribe Ethan with a "special treat" at Target (a 99 cent Matchbox car), but that's nothing new. Now if only the cleaning fairy would come to my house.... I have yet to get much accomplished around here. It just seems like between nursing, chasing after Ethan, trying to keep Alayna happy, trying to get out of the house to do fun things a few mornings a week, keeping up on laundry, and making meals, that I can't find time for housework. I know I'll get there. For now, I've just lowered my standards a lot :) I figure as long as things are at least picked up.... who cares about the dust! My babies are only young once :)

For those of you who are curious about my sleep issues, I'd say things are starting to improve. Several times last week I was able to fall asleep relatively quickly. The odd thing is I cannot seem to fall asleep in my bed. I have actually yet to sleep in my bed for about three weeks. I try going to bed, but after about an hour of being unable to fall asleep (despite being exhausted), I get up and go to the living room to either lie on the couch, or recline in the chair with Alayna. It is then that I fall asleep. I'm happy that I've at least been able to fall asleep, and hopeful that it will happen again in my bed soon. It must be something mental... why would I be able to fall asleep in the chair, but not my bed, which is way comfier??? It's so odd. Anyhow, at least I've gotten some sleep, wherever it may be. I realized that it's been over 6 months since I've gotten a good night of sleep. That's crazy to me. The most sleep I've gotten, and that was before having Alayna, has been 6 hours. I dream of the day that I'll be sleeping soundly again... and all night long. I know it will come. At least I'm managing to survive right now :)

I had my 4th acupuncture treatment last weekend. The fact that I have been able to fall asleep makes me think perhaps it's working. This week I actually have little tiny needles taped into my back, which I can't feel at all. They are supposed to help with tension. They stay in my back until I go back for my next treatment (in two weeks).


Heather Hekman said…
You're doing great. Baby steps.:) I didn't know needles could stay in your back. Interesting. Glad you're getting some sleep. I dream of the day when I feel rested, too. I have seen a magnet that said, "Most things in life are done by tired people." So true.
Christy said…
I'm glad you are sleeping some at least. :) OK I can do the accupuncture and I agree it works but you rock being able to have those needles in you all week. Even though you cant feel them I have mental image issues with that. :) I would freak!
Kelly said…
I'm all about "special treats". :) Sometimes when Cam doesn't want to walk to the store, I tell him he'll get grapes if he goes. He REALLY lets me know if I forget to open them up the moment we leave the store. I'm SO glad sleep has gotten even a little better. That is HUGE progress. I'm sure the acupuncture is helping so good for you for trying that!
Crystal said…
You go girl! You seem to be in great spirits, that makes me happy :).
krista said…
You are doing great!!! I am glad tha the accupuncture seems to be starting to work. Now just to get you back to your bed.... :) Or sleeping more than a few hours a night!
Tawny said…
Good job momma! Glad to hear some of the sleep issues are residing a bit! In time you'll be doing great, I'm sure! If not, more days like today at Walmart will get you sleeping in no time :)

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