My pirate

Yesterday we met up with the mom's group from church at The Redlands Christian Home. This is an assisted living place for the elderly. We told Ethan he was going to go see lots of "Papas and Grandmas". All the kiddos were dressed up in their Halloween costumes. They got to walk around and show off their costumes. As they walked by the senior citizens they got to pick out candy. It was so cute. Ethan was mostly interested in eating the candy and probably ate his weight in sugar while we were there. I tried to take a cute picture of him in his outfit before we left, but he was not being very cooperative.
I told him pirates don't suck on binkies, but that didn't seem to convince him to get rid of his :)


SSchenkel said…
"Pirates don't suck on binkies." I love it. He was adorable.
Mom H said…
Oh Jess, that is just so cute!
Charlee said…
Are you going to try the binky fairy with him? That worked for a friend of ours who had a binkie jumkie also another method is to cut the tip off and since he gets no suction they give it up. Her dentist told her to do that and it worked he was a binkie junky!

Cute costume!!!
Christy said…
So cute. good job getting out there and loving on them. :)

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