October birthdays

On Sunday we went over to Matt's parent's house to celebrate mine and Sid's birthdays. Mike and Heather came along with their kids. Sid's birthday is on the 3rd and mine is on the 5th. Marlene made his favorite meal, cornish game hens with a yummy rice and green bean side, rolls, fruit salad and birthday cake of course. It was a nice evening. Thanks for the wonderful meal mom!

Grandpa and Grandma holding Alayna
Ethan wouldn't eat much dinner but he sure didn't have a hard time polishing off some cake and ice cream.
Clayton and Jenelle enjoying their cake


Christy said…
Happy Birthday to you all! :)
Crystal said…
Of course E had room for cake! Dessert's the best part of the meal ;)~

Happy Birthday Jess :). May you be gifted with sleep (and lots of it;)
Eileen said…
Happy Birthday! I hope it was an awesome day! I ditto Crystal's comment... ah... sleep. Sometimes it doesn't happen often enough or long enough with two little ones.
Tawny said…
Happy Birthdays!!! Wow fall is sure busy for your family!

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