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I'm finally getting around to posting about Thanksgiving. We had a great day. We spent the first half of it at my mom's along with my grandparents and the Lamprechts. We had some delicious food and relaxed. After Ethan took a very short nap we headed over to Matt's parents house and spent the rest of the day over there. Matt's sister Annette and her family, and his brother Dan were down visiting, so we got to see the whole family. We were blessed to be able to see so much family this Thanksgiving! I have TONS of pictures.....

Here is a little collage of Ethan. I was trying to get a few cute pictures of him. He is super hard to get a decent picture of lately.

Ethan and his Great Papa.... whom he adored and misses.

Me and my little man on the path next to my mom's house

Ethan loves to walk on this path and play here

My sweet little Alayna
Four generations of girls... my dad's mom, my mom, me and Alayna.

Me and my sister in law Heather with our youngest babies. …

Oak Glen

On Black Friday we didn't do any shopping. Instead we met up in Oak Glen with Matt's sister Annette (who is visiting from Sacramento) and her family, and his brother Dan (who's visiting from New York). It was a beautiful crisp day up there. The fall colors were beautiful. We were really only up there for 2 hours, and the time flew by, but it was nice.

They were having the apple butter festival at Los Rios. This is my brother in law Mark stirring up some apple cider that will be used to make apple butter.
In this picture my niece Emily on the left, then Amanda in the red coat, then Matt's sister in the blue shirt. My niece Olivia is stirring the cider.
Alayna was snug and warm in the sling. She snoozed most of the time. We got to take a fun little hay ride around the property.
Matt and his sister Annette
My nephew Ian (who I think looks like he could be Matt's kid), and Matt holding Ethan. Ethan has his hands over his eyes because he was scared of the big horse…

our little miss at 10 weeks...

When Ethan was napping the other day I had to take some pictures of my cute little Alayna. She is 10 weeks now. The biggest news this week is that she slept in her own bed (the pack and play) for the first half of the night three nights in a row.... yay! We're making some progress :)

The Park with Great Papa and Grandma

On Tuesday my Papa and Grandma came with us to our favorite park. Ethan had a blast running around and showing them what he likes to play with. They pushed him in the swing for quite a while, which he thought was great.
He loves to ride the motorcycle at the park

Ethan and great Papa are looking for squirrels here... they are all over the park

After the park my Papa and Grandma treated us to lunch at Chick fil et. Ethan gobbled down his meal and thought it was great to go out to lunch with them.


On Monday my grandparents came over and spent the morning with us. Ethan thought it was wonderful having all of their attention. He ran around, showed them his toys, ran around, wanted to be pushed on the swing, ran around, and just had fun playing with them. The weather was gorgeous so we spent much of the morning outside in our backyard.

Miss Alayna napped much of the morning, but woke up around lunch time.

Nothing like a popsicle on one of our warm November days :)
They left around 1:00 and Ethan went down for his nap. He ended up sleeping for 4 hours! I finally had to go in and wake him up at 5:00 so that he could eat dinner and want to go to bed at bed time. My grandparents and my mom came back over and we enjoyed a yummy pot roast, mashed potatoes, rolls and salad... a good comfort meal :)

Alayna just LOVEs when people talk to her.... she coos and smiles.
We were reading Ethan his new book called "Binky". It's a cute book and he loves it.
Papa holding Alayna.