Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!

Today is Ethan's 2nd birthday. I cannot believe he is two! I made a video of his second year. I love doing this each year for Ethan (and i will for Alayna as well). I think it's a fun way to combine all of my favorite memories from the year. The video is kinda long... 10 minutes, but fun to watch :) It has pictures and video clips from every month of his second year.

Ethan's second year from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!


krista said…
Happy Birthday Ethan!!!! Have a fun day :)
Grandma H. said…
Christy said…
Happy bday big boy! :)
Amy said…
Happy Birthday Ethan! I LOVE the video you made!
Brigitte said…
Happy belated Birthday - wow you are so organized and your kids will really have a lot to look back and remember!
Mark Leonard said…
great slideshow, Jess. I watched it during class. Don't tell my prof.

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