3 months

Alayna is three months old today. I feel like things have gotten SO much easier with her in the past couple of weeks. She is so smiley and sweet, and she doesn't have to be held all the time to be happy now. She is such a little sweetie. She'll be content in her bouncy seat, or on the play mat for a while. She's also been sleeping in her pack and play better (but not through the night yet). One thing she isn't doing better is nursing. I really only nurse her in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning now. Otherwise I pump and give her a bottle. She will hardly eat anything when she nurses, and then she's hungry like 30 minutes later. I think she's starting to prefer the bottle because sometimes she refuses to nurse all together. Oh well, at least she's still getting breastmilk. Plus, this way other people can feed her some of the time.

We love our little girl so much :)
Here is a video of our little sweetie pie.... smiling and cooing :)


Rhonda said…
She is just so cute!
Kelly said…
Yes, I guess even though breast feeding is nice, it great that you aren't tied to her (like I am with Kendall) and can actually be gone during a feeding, like if you want a date night during bedtime. :)
Tawny said…
Love her bow and sweater! So cute!!!
Tawny said…
I know your breastfeeding pain, that sounds exactly like Travis :( I only nurse him first thing in the morning mostly now too...but pump all day! I don't care, it;s alot of work, but worth it to me :)

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