Blue Lips

The other day Matt took Ethan to get a hair cut. Much to his delight the hairdresser gave him a VERY blue sucker. It turned his mouth really blue. Here is a video clip of me talking to him... it's nothing all that special.... just a day in the life :)


Charlee said…
Ahh the blue food coloring. Be warned it turns diaper contents into a lovely shade of green if he consumes a lot of it.
The Keilers said…
I laughed out loud at the "Yes"...I'm going to take my diaper off :). My nephew has to have mailing tape over his diapers b/c he always takes them off.

You gotta play this at his wedding. So funny.
Genn said…
That is a pretty funny video! I love when he says that he got his haircut, and when he says ya i will take my diaper off again. i need to take more video of my kids. thanks for the reminder. :)
Marisa said…
That is really cut how he tells you "yes" he will do the diaper thing again. How cute. I love little clips like these. If i could just figure out how to successfully post a video I could share too! Are his lips still blue?
Jolene Grace said…
I LOVE that little boy of yours. he is just too darn cute. :-)

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