Bounce houses and Christmas crafts

This week we met up with a few other mom's at a place in Redlands called Jump Zone. It's filled with inflatable bounce houses and slides. Ethan was scared at first, so I strapped Alayna into the baby Bjorn and got in one of the bounce houses with him. After that he was all about. He never did work up the courage to go up one of the slides, but he loved the bounce house. He ran around like a nut for two hours and got lots of energy out. This place is great for a rainy day if you're looking for something to do with your kids.

If you click on the photo collages they should get a little bigger.
Another day this week we went over to the Oates house for a while. Faithy did the cutest little Christmas craft with the kids. They made little Christmas trees by dipping their hands in paint. This was Ethan's first experience with paint. He was pretty hesitant at first, but after watching the other kids make their crafts he decided he wanted to try, and then ended up loving it. Afterwards Ethan and Grady ate lunch outside on the little table. Thanks for having us over Faithy!
If you're wondering where Alayna is in all of this... she was probably chillin' in the Baby Bjorn :)


Christy said…
Sounds like you had a fun week. We like that bounce place as well. How are you feeling my friend? Getting any sleep?

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