The Bumbo Returns

We got the Bumbo down for Alayna to use. She loves it. All of the sudden she can "sit up" and see what's going on. Ethan likes to hand her toys and she loves to watch all the action. It's nice to have one more place I can set her when I'm trying to do something.


That is the cutest sweater! I cant believe that she is already in the bumbo....she seriously is getting too big too quick!
Charlee said…
I didnt have a bumbo with Breven but for Aubree we did and it was great I think it helped thier bond as sibilings he would sit next to her and play with her or color next to her and she would giggle at him.
Tawny said…
Gosh she is adorable! I sure wish my kids liked it more than they did. I just recently put it in the "get rid of" pile! Glad little miss A likes it!!!

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