Christmas Traditions

I saw this little survey thingy on Genn's blog and decided to play along....

Nibble all day or big Christmas feast?

We have my family (and the Flores family) over on Christmas Eve and have a huge spread of appetizers and yummy food. On Christmas day we're usually over at Matt's parents house... sometimes we have a big meal, and sometimes we nibble all day. The important part is that we're eating good food... and usually lots of it! This was our spread last year on Christmas Eve:

Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Growing up we opened our presents on Christmas Eve and then did stockings on Christmas morning. We've seemed to continue that tradition with our family so far. It may change as the kids get older, who knows.

Real or fake tree?
The first few years Matt and I were married we got a real tree. Somewhere along the way we switched to a fake one and haven't turned back. Maybe when the kids are older we'll switch it up sometimes and get a real tree, but for now I'm very happy with my fake one. It doesn't ever get dry, I don't have to water it, and it already has lights attached!

Gold or silver decorations?
They are mostly all red and gold, and I like that the tree mostly matches. If someone gave me a silver ornament that was special, I'd still hang it on my tree... I'm not super picky like that :)

We have lots of special ornaments on our tree from Jolene... she makes us an ornament every year. They are some of my favorites :) The two below are from her.
Fancy or ball ornaments?
This year we bought a bunch of those plastic bulbs that look like glass. I think they look fancy, but I guess they aren't really "fancy" ornaments. We didn't hang up any of our glass ornaments this year. All it takes is one little bump from Ethan (or his clumsy mama) and they shatter on our wood floor.

This ornament is special, it's from Ethan's first Christmas.
I need to get my lovely little lady one for this year.

One of our plastic balls
Santa yea or Santa nay?
We definitely celebrate the birth of Jesus and make sure to focus on that, but I'm not opposed to having a little fun with Santa. Santa comes and stuffs the stockings at our house :)

Cider or cocoa to drink?
Do I have to choose one??? I like both... especially peppermint cocoa... yum.

Gift card or present?
If I have no idea what to get someone, I'm not opposed to getting them a gift card. I do love getting someone a gift I know they will love, but I always fear getting someone a present that they won't like or use. I myself love receiving gift cards :)

Bag or paper gift wrap?
I try to wrap most of my Christmas presents in paper. Wrapping is definitely my least favorite thing to do. I always beg Matt to help me wrap. He does a way better job. I think it's way more fun for kids to open paper presents. I use bags pretty much the rest of the year.

Lights on the house or in the house?
We've never hung lights up outside. I love looking at other people's lights, and so does Ethan. He is enamored with all the Christmas lights whenever we drive at night. This year I felt like putting lights up outside and Matt told me "go ahead", lol. I guess he's not a fan of stringing up lights. Maybe next year :)

Shopping done early or on Christmas Eve?
I really prefer to have it done early. In fact I love doing the majority of it online, especially since having kids. It's just not easy to go browse a bunch of stores trying to find gifts. If I can manage to get out child free, then it's fun :)

We like to buy an ornament whenever we travel somewhere. The one on the left is from our honeymoon in Maui, the one in the middle is from Seattle when we took our Alaskan cruise, and the one on the right is from our trip to Lake Tahoe with the Flores family last year.

Picture card or traditional card?
I absolutely love receiving picture cards, and ours is always a picture card. I hang them around the doorway between our living and family rooms. We love looking at them for the holiday season. Whenever I sit in the chair that faces them and nurse Alayna, I like to look at each card and pray for the family on it. This picture is from two years ago, but I do this every year.
Feel free to play along and share your Christmas traditions :)


Kelly said…
I'm always very disappointed to get a Christmas card without a picture. :) I bet a fake tree pays for itself after 3-4 years. Real ones are expensive!
Rhonda said…
What a great list and those plastic bulbs look pretty fabulous to me. If you hadn't said they weren't glass, I'd have never known.
We haven't had glass the past 2 Christmases because of Molly, but we're making the attempt this year. So far, so good. She hasn't messed with them. She just likes looking at them. A LOT!
Brigitte said…
So fun to learn how you celebrate we are mostly in agreement. However, I must say that this year the spirit just seems to be lacking - hope that this week with lots to do and bake changes that :) Happy Holidays.
Christy said…
That was really fun, I will have to play along in the next day or two. :)
Crystal said…
Such a cute post :). I'm totally with you on the picture cards. I almost never save cards without any pictures, unless they have a super meaningful message. I want to see peoples faces! (That's why I also was certain to include a pic in our wedding invitation).

Love the nibbling all day, instead of just one fat meal. Deviled eggs are a must in both mine and Stephen's fam, so I will make those for sure!

Thank you so much for your last comment, you made me teary eyed. Love you much. xoxo
Genn said…
Cute post. :) That's funny that your husband told you to "go ahead" and string the outside lights.

I want to start collecting a Christmas ornament from our travels too. (Not that we do a lot of that since having kids) I don't know why I've never thought to do that before.
Tawny said…
I love picture cards too, and I absolutely LOVED both of yours this year! Your plastic balls sure are fancy, I would have never known!!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too!

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