Last week I took the kids to Disneyland one day. Danielle came along with me since she has a season pass. There is no way I could take the kids by myself. We got there at 9:30 and stayed until 2:00. It was a fun day. Unfortunately Ethan was scared of the rides we went on. He liked "Small World", but was very scared of the Buzz lazer ride and Pirates. Last time he wasn't near as scared. It must be his age. I think next time I go I'll start out in California Adventure and just let him play around in the little Bug's Life part. It was still a fun day. I love all the Christmas decorations, and Small World was all decked out just for the holidays.
Ethan is actually holding Alayna's bottle for me here... isn't that great? :)

The nice thing about having a pass now is that we can go for a few hours, do just a few things, and then come home. The next time we go we'll do different things :)

The picture below is from the other day. I bought this cute little hat for Alayna on Etsy. I needed something to keep her little head warm on cold days. If I could knit I would totally make one myself. Maybe I should learn how to do that next. Anyone want to teach me??? :)


Amy said…
Alayna is such a cutie!!!
Rhonda said…
I love Alayna's smile in that last picture of her with Matt. It totally lights up her whole face.
Crystal said…
Love the hat! But I don't think you nor I have the patience to knit. I tried to learn one night and it was oh so frustrating! I want results quickly! dang it! ;).

But then again, you may surprise me ;).
Tawny said…
Ha, such a bummer that he doesn't like the rides...it will pass I'm sure, try again next time! Sammy loves shooting the guns on the Buzz ride...but she was scared of Pirates when we went on my birthday. I haven't tried it since, but maybe next time!
So maybe a day in January we can attempt to go together? Do you think it would be crazy for us to go with 4 kids alone? We probably need someone without kiddos huh?! We'll talk, it would be so fun :)
Christy said…
aaahhhh hat+sweet girl with her daddy= amazingly cute photo!

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