Ethan's 2 year apt.

We had Ethan's two year doctor appointment this week. In addition to getting checked out he had to get his chicken pox vaccine. He couldn't get it before because I was pregnant. Since Matt has never had the chicken pox our doctor thought he should get the vaccine as well. Thus, they had father and son vaccines :) haha. I'm actually really glad Matt came along with us because it took a lot to hold Ethan down to give him his shot. The doctor had to pull the needle back out and do it again because Ethan was moving so much. It was a little crazy. I'm just glad Matt was there to help! It seems Ethan is taking after his daddy and is pretty tall for his age. He was over 100% on the growth chart. Our tall little Dutch boy was 36 inches tall and weighed in at 30 pounds.

Ethan is a little character lately. It's crazy how much he talks. He speaks in sentences all of the time. In fact he never stops talking! He cracks us up with the things he says. One of our favorite things is to ask him what he did during the day... some of the things he tells us are so cute.

Some things that stick out in my mind about Ethan right now:

-He will ONLY eat with his blue fork. It can't be yellow. It can't be orange. It must be the blue fork.
-He plays with cars about 75% of the time. They are his favorite toys. He has a bin of cars and a few motorcycle, and he goes back and forth favoring different cars for the day.
-He loves playing at the park
-He loves visiting his grandparents and gets very excited if we tell him we are going to see any of them.
-He constantly wrestles with Cookie. It's really a good thing she is such a good, tolerant dog, as he is so rough with her.
-He does a decent job of holding onto Alayna's stroller and "walking like a big boy" when I let him.
-Whenever we see an elderly person in public he says "Hi Great Grandma" or "Hi Great Papa". It's pretty cute.
-He takes great naps... he usually sleeps 2 to 3 hours, and once in a while even 4! He sleeps about 10 1/2-11 hours at night. Now if his sister would just follow suit :)

He's tons of fun right now, and although this age definitely has its challenges, it's pretty darn cute! I'd take two over one any day (at least with Ethan, he was a very difficult one year old).


Why couldnt he get the vaccine when you were prego? Just wondering!
Christy said…
OK, your BIG boy and my petite girl; Ryanne still only weighs 35 lbs. and is in a 3 T- 4T!! Ha,haa! They will eventually look like Dan and me standing together. ;)
Rhonda said…
I am soooo laughing at Christy's comment right now.

2 is so much fun!
Crystal said…
Where has the time gone? I can't believe Ethan's two and counting!

Btw, I love how you're editing your pics lately. Like the Ethan layout...very artsy :).
Kelly said…
Rob hasn't had chickenpox either, so he needs to get that vaccine as well.

Isn't frustrating with their odd toddler behaviors?? (Blue fork, etc.) Or they ask for something, you get it and then they don't want it. Ahhhhh!!!!

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