The Mission Inn and Dinner with the Flores'

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post. The Grinch is back to post some pictures ;)

Last week we went to the Mission Inn one evening and looked at the Christmas lights. Ethan was in awe... he LOVED them. It was fun to walk around and see everything. My mom came along with us and then afterwards she ended up taking Ethan home to spend the night with her. He got to sleep in "her big bed" with her, which he thinks is so fun. Apparently he woke up at 12:30 and told her he wanted to talk, lol. I guess he just layed there and chattered to her for a while.

We had dinner with the Flores' one night last week, and I had to share a few cute pictures. Here are the babies on the couch. Crazy that these two are only a week and a half apart!
Me and my sweetie pie
Jolene and her boys
Ethan LOVES when Danny starts rough housing and swinging him and Christian around. He won't leave Danny alone afterwards and keeps begging him for more. Danny definitely gets a workout with these two!
Ethan was giving Christian a hug goodbye... so cute :)
We are blessed to have such great friends!


Kelly said…
The Mission Inn is so pretty at Christmas, and even during the day. That courtyard area is nice because the kids can run around without worrying about cars. :)
The Keilers said…
Oh precious kids! And this season of your life will go by so quickly and before you know it, Alayna will be 2 and Ethan will be getting ready for Kindergarden!
krista said…
What great pictures. Glad you guys had a good time!
Christy said…
LOVE the Mission Inn!
Jolene Grace said…
We love the Mission Inn as well. I LOVE the pics from dinner...our babies are just so precious (as are our big boys). We are tremendously blessed to have you guys as our friends. :-)

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