A few cute pictures of the kids from the past week.....

Ethan thinks it's fun to join Alayna on the playmat at times. He likes to turn the musical star off and on for her.
Alayna looks so little and Ethan looks like a GIANT in this picture because he is sitting on a pillow. It's crazy how much kids grow in two years.
When I set Alayna on the chair to take her monthly teddy bear picture this morning Ethan naturally had to jump in most of the pictures. He is giving his sister kisses in this one.
She thought it was pretty funny :)
Then he decided he wanted to "hold" her. He did a very good job.


Genn said…
Hi Jessica,

Those are some cute pictures. They sure do change so much in two years time. They look cute both in their striped shirts and sweater.

I'm glad that things are getting easier with Alayna. It sure is a constant shifting of being eas"ier" and hard isn't it?
Hope it's smooth sailing for a while! Have a good day.
Eileen said…
Such precious pictures! They are both SO ADORABLE!
Crystal said…
I'm lovin those ears! Ewww so cute!

What a sweet brother giving his sister kisses.

Miss you much. xoxo
Tawny said…
Ahhh, when they play together and don't know you're watching, doesn't that melt your heart? I love seeing my kiddos interact too!

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