Saturday, October 31, 2009

My pirate

Yesterday we met up with the mom's group from church at The Redlands Christian Home. This is an assisted living place for the elderly. We told Ethan he was going to go see lots of "Papas and Grandmas". All the kiddos were dressed up in their Halloween costumes. They got to walk around and show off their costumes. As they walked by the senior citizens they got to pick out candy. It was so cute. Ethan was mostly interested in eating the candy and probably ate his weight in sugar while we were there. I tried to take a cute picture of him in his outfit before we left, but he was not being very cooperative.
I told him pirates don't suck on binkies, but that didn't seem to convince him to get rid of his :)

7 weeks

Alayna is 7 weeks old now. She smiles all the time, but never when I'm trying to take a picture of it :) I got close to getting a picture of her smile, but not quite. I try to make sure to take pictures of her at least once a week, because babies change so quickly! Here are the ones I took this week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hallo-Wii 2009

Last night we had our third annual "Hallo-wii" party at the Odenbaughs. We get dressed up, have dinner, and play some Wii :) Leighann made a soup plantation dinner... lots of yummy salad makings and 4 kinds of sup, it was delicious! We had so much fun :)

We went as 80s rockers... don't you love that hair?
James and Faith as characters from the Wizard of Oz
Jeff and Carmen... a plug and an outlet
The Odenbaughs... an alien family
The whole gang
The guys

Rocking out with the Wii
The girls


On Matt's actual birthday we spent the day at Disneyland. Matt got in for free and I ended up buying a season pass (because it was only $45 more than buying a one day pass). The Flores family along with Jolene's mom Joy met up with us. The Flores' are Disney pros. They used to live just a few miles away and have had season passes almost every year. This was our first time at Disneyland with kids, and it was fun, but definitely much more work! We were there from about 10:00 am all the way until 9:00 pm.

We took the kids on the Autotopia, Pirates, The Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion and let them play in Toon Town. Joy was kind enough to sit back with all four kids while the adults went on the Matterhorn and Space Mountain. The two big boys were napping in their strollers, and she held both the babies. What a good Grandma she was!

Ethan had fun, but was a little unsure what to think of some of the rides. I think his favorite part was driving the car and playing in Toon Town. We concluded the day with dinner at The Rain Forest Cafe. It was a lot of fun. We put the kids in their jammies and got home at 10:00pm. Ethan was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot. He was pooped! He ended up sleeping in until almost 9:00 the next morning.

I love that Ethan and Matt match here... so cute :)
Our family in front of the Treehouse (Alayna is in the sling).

Miss Alayna decided she really didn't want to be in the stroller much, so I spent much of the day carrying her in my sling. She actually slept much of the time and did pretty well.
Our cool little dude in his sunglasses chomping on a Mickey sucker
Looks like he's having a sugar coma :)
Something I never imagined myself doing at Disneyland... walking around nursing a 6 week old, lol. I was actually pretty proud of myself...that takes skill.
Danny and Jolene
Danny, Jolene (who is holding Jonathan), Christian and Joy.
Christian eating his "special treat" of raisins. I love his cheesy grin here.
Since I bought a season pass I'll be taking the kids a few times in the next year. I bought the cheapest pass, so I can only go during the week. I have a few friends who also have passes, so I'll be meeting up with them. I look forward to going a few times this next year.

Thanks for joining us for the day Flores'! We had a blast :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Matt's 31st Birthday

Monday was Matt's 31st birthday. We had our families over on Sunday evening for dinner and a little celebration. The weather was awesome so we enjoyed being outside. We barbecued up some brats and had a "summer" meal. It was a nice get together.

Here is Heather holding Alayna
Matt with the cheesecake my mom made him. It is his birthday request every year.

"What's wrong with eating chips for dinner mom?"

Uncle Jerrod and Ethan kicking the ball around. Ethan loves to kick his little ball around the yard. Jerrod hopes Ethan will follow in his footsteps and be a soccer player.
Ethan loves his "papa"

Clayton and Ethan... cousins
Mike & Jenelle sharing a giggle
Sid holding Alayna

Mr. Stephen... my youngest nephew. He's just about 8 months now
Unfortunately the only people I didn't get a picture of were both Grandmas! Bummer :(

sweet big brother

In the midst of my bad day last Friday I had to take a picture of this sweetness....
Ethan held his baby sister for the first time. He was so excited. Now he keeps saying "I hold baby Alayna, I hold baby Alayna. Cute :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

6 weeks

Yesterday Alayna was six weeks old... crazy! I wouldn't call her an easy baby, but she's not super hard either. She can get super fussy and have a hard time settling down when she wants to go to sleep. Once we actually put her to sleep and she's been sleeping a while, she's fine. She's usually happy when she wakes up and after she eats, and then gets difficult again once she's tired. She still does not like to be put down much. She cries after a few minutes. I can get her to be happy for short little times in the bouncy seat and the swing, depending on her mood. She still won't lay down on her own at night. I've tried... but as soon as I put her down she cries. Thankfully she has been sleeping great on me :) There was one night this week she (and I) slept for 5 hours. That felt wonderful!

She started smiling but I've yet to capture it on camera. I tried and tried yesterday but couldn't get one. She's also been "cooing" more... which is very sweet.

Here are some pictures I took of Alayna yesterday....

This past week has been pretty hard. Ethan is REALLY testing me right now and has been very difficult. It's like the past two weeks he's totally regressed and has just been so very hard. I feel like I could constantly be punishing him. It's hard when he is doing something naughty, or throwing a fit, and Alayna is also screaming because she wants to be held. I feel torn in two opposite directions. Who do I take care of? I've felt guilty lately because I just can't give Ethan the attention he seems to want, but at the same time I feel like it's good for him not to get ALL of my attention ALL day.

Today when I picked up Ethan from the nursery after Tmoms they told me he had been pushing a lot, and so he had to have a time out. After the time out he continued to push the other kids. To top it off he was crying when I picked him up. Then him and Alayna cried the entire way home. By the time we got home I was in tears myself. I felt like a looser mom because this is the second week in a row Ethan has been a bully in the nursery. Of course we don't let him get away with pushing, but I guess I haven't been super consistent lately in punishing him when he does, as I usually have my hands occupied with Alayna.

Do any of you moms have advise in how to deal with pushing/being mean to other kids? I feel like it's hard right now because there isn't a lot I can do other than spank or give time outs... both of which we do with Ethan.

All this to say that being a mom of two little ones is hard. I tell myself every day it will get easier. We DO have lots of great moments, it's not all difficult... but it has been pretty rough lately. Really the only reason I write all this is so that I can look back and remember... as I don't remember much lately being so sleep deprived. Plus, I don't want you to think my life is all rosy and perfect ;)