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Fun in the snow with the Flores'

This morning we awoke to beautiful snow capped mountains and sunshine. We still had snow in our yard and we felt like we were in a mountain town instead of Yucaipa! After five days of storms and being cooped up inside we were very happy to see the sun. the Flores' called us up for a little impromptu visit to the snow. We tried going up to Oak Glen, but the roads were still closed, so instead we went to Wildwood Park, at the top of Yucaipa. It ended up being perfect. There was enough snow to have fun with, but not too much for the boys. Since we don't have boots for Ethan Matt put plastic bags over his socks, then put his shoes on. It worked out and kept his feet dry for the hour we were in the snow. The boys had fun throwing a few snowballs and eating snow, and then going down the slide and landing in the snow. After about an hour Ethan's hands were FROZEN and we'd had about enough, so we headed to the Kopper Kettle for a yummy late breakfast.

It was such a fun morning,…


We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland... not something that happens often here. We get snow about once a year. It's been going strong all morning. We have at least two inches, maybe three.... a big deal for us :) It's fun to sit inside and watch. Being the California wimps that we are, we don't want to go drive in it, so we're pretty content to just stay at home.

This morning when Ethan woke up and we looked outside he said "Where'd all the grass go?" we got a chuckle out of that :) This is really the first time he's seen snow (that he can remember).

Here is our backyard. Notice the palm trees covered in snow.... not something you see often :)

Alayna's 4 month stats

Today Alayna had her 4 month well baby checkup. She was a trooper and did great. Despite being tired she was happy and smiley at the doctor and nurse. She had to get four shots and during her first two she didn't even flinch, she just kept talking to me. It probably helped that I had given her Tylonol in the waiting room. The third and fourth shots made her cry just a little, but she never screamed and she was quickly over it.

She weighed in at 13.8 lbs. (51st percentile) and was 25 inches long. (85th percentile). The doctor was pleased with her growth and said she is doing well. I asked him if she was big enough to let her cry it out at night and he said to wait until she's at least six months old. I am trying to wean her from her second feeding and just get her down to one feeding a night. Lately she's been spending the second half of the night in her swing. Whatever works right now. I guess we'll work on getting her better habits in a few more months. At l…

Because I haven't done a random post in a while....

I have a few random things to share from the past few days......
On Friday I got the kids ready and headed out the door for Tmoms (my bi weekly mom's group). Two of my friends from high school who are interested in joining the group were meeting me there at 8:45 so I made sure to get there on time (not the easiest thing for me these days mind you). I meet up with them in the parking lot and we walk up to the church.... and NO ONE is around. I am super confused. It takes me a while to realize I've gotten the dates wrong and the spring session doesn't even start for TWO MORE WEEKS. UGH! I felt SO bad that I had gotten all messed up. I wasn't the only one though, because Faith was also on her way there. We decided since we were all out and dressed and ready for some fun that we'd head over to the park. We spent two hours at the park and then had lunch at Chick fil et. It turned out to be a fun day and I'm glad we got to at least spend some time out of the…

My first blog award!

Tawny, Krista and Leighann all nominated me me for this beautiful blog award.

I guess they like my blog :) I feel pretty special. Along with accepting the award, I am supposed to reveal 7 random things about myself to you, and nominate 7 other bloggers for the award. I feel like I always share random things about myself, so I'm kinda digging here for something interesting.
People have always joked that I have ADD. I think there's some truth to that. I can hardly ever focus on just one thing. When I set out to do something, I'm usually doing four other things at once and I often lose track of one of the things that I'm doing. Some call this multitasking... I don't think it's the most efficient way to get things done, but I guess somehow it works for me, lol.Before I met my husband I had decided (after dating a few people) that I REALLY wanted to marry a man that loved the beach, drank coffee, and was tall (amongst other more important qualities). He met al…

our new camera

We got a cool new video camera for Christmas. We figured since we take lots of videos these days it would be nicer to have something other than the poor quality videos our little digital camera takes. This isn't anything fancy, but it's small and it takes decent little video clips. Here are two from this week:

This is Alayna on the floor yesterday.... I was amazed at how high she was holding up her head.

The second one is of Ethan in the dog bed. It was close to his nap time and he decided to take a little rest in Cookie's bed :)


Today I'm feeling tired because I didn't get much sleep last night (I know, what's new right?). Well days like this I have to admit I don't think I'm the greatest mom, or wife, or anything. I was desperate to get a little rest in during nap time today, so I put my toddler down when the baby was ready for her nap because unless I'm holding her, she only sleeps for 30 minutes.

I settle down in my chair and get comfy. The baby falls asleep. I turn on a Tivoed show for a little bit. I think all is good. Then I hear my two year old crying. I ignore it for a bit, but he persists, so I go to check on him

His pants are off. His diaper is off. He's peed all over his bed.


I had set the baby down and of course she wakes up and is screaming while I am trying to take care of Ethan.

I get Ethan cleaned up and put back to bed, where he continues to cry and then finally goes to sleep. Of course I can't get the baby back to sleep. I'm sure by the time …

Comparing the two kids....

I dug up the pictures of Ethan when he was the same age that Alayna is now. I think he was quite a bit chubbier than her... he had fatter cheeks and hands :) One thing is for sure... he slept way better at night!!!! :) I think they look alike... but way different at the same time.

Alayna at 4 months

Today our sweet little girl is four months old. I think time goes by faster with the second baby. She's definitely growing. She still does not sleep through the night... ***Sigh***. She has nights that are better than other nights, but she always wakes up to eat. Sometimes she goes 4 hours, other times she goes 6, really she's unpredictable. One of these days we'll get there (I hope). I hate the whole crying it out thing, but if she doesn't start sleeping in another month or two we'll probably have to do that. I was just hoping it would happen on its own. Perhaps it will soon. She started to giggle this month, which melts my heart. I can't get enough of that :)She's doing the whole thirty minute nap thing, just like her brother did (only HE slept through the night, so I didn't mind as much). I lay her down in her bed awake, she falls asleep on her own, and then thirty minutes later she's wide awake. I usually let her be for a while, and…

Laying on the floor

I took these pictures last week. I was trying to hang up some clothes in the kids' bedroom and so I layed Alayna on the floor. Ethan was cute and insisted on laying next to her, so I snapped a few pictures of them.