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A couple of videos

Ethan is still obsessed with our dog beds.  He drags Cookie's bed all around the house and lays in it. This week he took it to a new level and decided to play in the dog's crate.  Our poor dog has no space of her own anymore.  Here is a video of him going "night night" and "wake up" in the crate. Ethan in the dog crate from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.
Here is a video of my cute little girl having fun in her jumper: 5 month old Alayna bouncing from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

February 25th

Today was a low key day for us. I did some laundry and we took a walk down to the dark park.  I had to snap a few pictures of my kiddos too :)  Miss Alayna at 5 1/2 months:

hehe.... love her "fish lips" here... Ethan used to do the same thing at the same age

Kisses from Cookie...

She was all done here.... can you tell?  :)

My mom got Ethan this snowman a few months ago.  It lights up and has four different colors.  He has enjoyed it and the past couple of days insists on "holding" it while he watches TV.  Too funny.
And of course, he's still loving his beads :)  He came up today and told me  "I'm pretty, I have necklaces on".  hehe.  Yes Ethan, you are pretty :)

Which one are you?

How do you feel in the morning? Do you feel like this sometimes....

Or are you happy like this? I guess it depends on the day for me :)

technical difficulties

Just so you know I am aware that my blog looks all funky.  I tried to update it and ended up with this mess.  I haven't had time to play around and try to fix it yet, so please bear with me :)  If anyone knows how I can fix it please share!

Last night I got an amazing 7 1/2 hours of sleep (with a feeding for the baby in the middle), but still, 7 1/2 hours added up with me only having to get up once is really good.  That is a lot for me these days (and just to think back in the day before kids I used to get 8 to 9 hours, oh my, I can't even imagine how great that would feel now). 

Anyhow, I woke up feeling so great today and decided to tackle my huge to-do list.  I got my very filthy house cleaned, did three loads of laundry AND got it all put away, made a pot roast in the crock pot, and made a very yummy dessert for tomorrow night's weekly dinner with friends.  This was all done before noon!  Woo hoo!  It definitely helped that my children were very good this morning, whic…

Beads and the dog bed

Today we went and visited my mom at work for lunch. One of her co-workers had given her some beads he brought back from Mardi Gras. She gave them to Ethan and he just thought they were great. All day he had to wear his "pretty necklaces", lol. I asked him if I could take a picture of him with his necklaces, so he sat in this chair. He said "Ethan sit for Mama", but then wouldn't look at me or give me a smile :)
He refers to himself as "you", which we find cute. He always says things like "Mama hold you", and "Ethan needs to get your shoes on". It's kind of sad when they start talking properly. Today he kept saying "Grandma give you pretty necklaces". I have to write these things down because I know I'll forget all about them.
Holding his keys and pondering life ;)
He's in his car in this picture (with his keys in his mouth). He kept telling me that he was leaving to go exercise at the gym. He would th…

Stephen's 1 year photoshoot

Today I went over and took some pictures of my cute little nephew Stephen. I really can't believe that in two weeks he'll be one!!!! He is such a sweetie. It's honestly hard NOT to get good pictures of him :)

He had some fun playing with a balloon.... until Ethan popped it on the grass :)

He's a fast little crawler and I'm sure he'll be walking pretty soon
I couldn't leave out his big brother Clayton. He was happy to smile for a couple of photos for me.
Brotherly love :)

This is how we roll in February....

What do we do in February in Southern California?

Well, we wear sun glasses...

....and sun hats.
We lay on blankets in the shade and enjoy the beautiful weather
..... and help baby sister drink her bottle.
We enjoy weather that is in the 70's while we look at snow covered mountains that are not too far from our house.

We pose in front of trees and have fun playing with our sunglasses....
.... even though sometimes they are crooked
We look at all the beautiful flowers in our yard like these camellias...
....and these daffodils
....and the geranium that grow all year here, even though in other places they are just annuals.
We look at the beautiful Cyclamen
.... and of course the pansies. What would winter be without pansies?
Ahhhh, gotta love February in Southern California :) We're not quite ready for winter to be over yet, and hopefully it will be return for at least a little bit, but in the meantime we sure are enjoying the gorgeous weather!

A few random things....

We had a nice weekend. Friday night we enjoyed some leftovers, yummy wine, and very well behaved children. It somehow felt like a date night even though it wasn't. After we put the kids to bed we caught up on some fun Tivoed shows (Modern Family, Community, The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock). We look forward to those shows the most (in addition to LOST), so it's always fun when we get to watch them. Is it lame that we look so forward to TV? For Valentine's Day I made a yummy meal and my brother and mom came over and enjoyed it with us. We had rib eye steaks, baked potatoes, grilled shrimp, bread, and roasted asparagus. We topped off the meal with heart shaped brownie and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious and we all stuffed ourselves. Ethan got a few little Valentine's presents this year and was very excited about them. Holidays are so much fun with little ones :)I have REALLY been enjoying my children the past couple of weeks. Alayna is just all smiles an…