2 videos

A couple of videos from this week:

The first one is Alayna bouncing in her jumper and Ethan jumping beside her. It's kinda funny.

The second video is our little cutie pie in the bath tub. She's recently figured out how to splash with her feet.


Marisa said…
You are so funny.." jump away from her..don't lean on her...don't touch her.." lol She looks so cute in that jumper. I do the same thing. I set something up for Dylan, and Ashy gets all excited and makes it dangerous...
Jolene Grace said…
So cute. I love them jumping together!
SSchenkel said…
That sounds like me! I am constantly telling Aliyah, "Be gentle...Kisses only...No biting...Don't touch her eyes...Don't sit on her..." Fun times.
Rhonda said…
I love how she gets so excited when you talk to her.
They both are so cute!
Teresa DiMillo said…
That was just too cute! I love how Ethan is trying to jump with her!

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