5 months today!

I can't believe my sweet little girl is five months old today! I am LOVING this stage with her right now. She is incredibly sweet and smiley, and has a great temperament. She loves to just watch what's going on around her. She smiles a lot at her brother and the dog. She still isn't sleeping through the night *sigh*. She's done better some nights, and other nights she wakes up multiple times. She's pretty inconsistent. It's funny because Ethan was a great sleeper at night at this age, but a crabbier baby and not near as happy. I guess I'll take the happy temperament and less sleep :) We've noticed she kinda has dimples like her daddy.... oh am I ever a sucker for dimples. She brings us so much joy and we just love her to pieces.


krista said…
5 months...it goes so fast! Loved her outfit today.
Noreen said…
She is such a cutie! I love dimples too! Hope she sleeps better soon!
Tawny said…
So sweet! I love her outfit and that bow! Did you make it? LOVE it!
Adorable pics!
Tonda said…
Does she sleep in your room? My son Jack slept in my room until he was 13mo and the 1st night he slept in his own room was the 1st night he slept through the night
Rhonda said…
She is getting so big too!!!
Before you know it she will be running around and holding conversations with her dolls and herself in the mirror.
Jolene Grace said…
I love love love little Alayna. She'll be "my" girl, since I don't have one of my own. I hope you don't mind. ;-)

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