Beads and the dog bed

Today we went and visited my mom at work for lunch. One of her co-workers had given her some beads he brought back from Mardi Gras. She gave them to Ethan and he just thought they were great. All day he had to wear his "pretty necklaces", lol. I asked him if I could take a picture of him with his necklaces, so he sat in this chair. He said "Ethan sit for Mama", but then wouldn't look at me or give me a smile :)
He refers to himself as "you", which we find cute. He always says things like "Mama hold you", and "Ethan needs to get your shoes on". It's kind of sad when they start talking properly. Today he kept saying "Grandma give you pretty necklaces". I have to write these things down because I know I'll forget all about them.
Holding his keys and pondering life ;)
He's in his car in this picture (with his keys in his mouth). He kept telling me that he was leaving to go exercise at the gym. He would then insert his key into the car, scoot across the patio, scoot back, get out of the car and say "Ethan come back home now".
Here he is showing Alayna his necklaces
Here is a video clip of him and his beads:

The other day it was nap time. Ethan decided to pull Cookie's bed into his room, close the curtains, and go "night night" in the dog bed. He wanted me to cover him with his blanket and leave, so I humored him and let him lay there for a bit. I came in after about 15 minutes, and he was still lying in there. I then made him sleep in his own bed. I know it's yucky, but it was pretty funny. Here is a video clip of him in the bed:

Oh does he ever crack me up lately. Two year olds are a kick.


Rhonda said…
What a cutie. He looks so big and grown up in the picture of him with Alayna.
Teresa DiMillo said…
He is just the cutest thing... I love how he kept saying, "nap time in Cookie's bed" It is sad when they start speaking properly. My niece who is 3 speaks as well as WE DO!!! That is a funny too because you look at her and think, she should be sounding this grown up yet!
Jolene Grace said…
Oh Ethan, you are growing up so fast! He looks so darn cute, and so grown up! Christian likes the doggie bed at his g'ma Deb's house...they keep it covered so that he can sleep on it when he goes there. You could save $ on a toddler bed and just get him a doggie one! ;-)
Christy said…
I agree it is sad when they start talking the right way. Still to this day I dont have the heart to correct morgan when she says,"mama holder me!"
Crystal said…
So cute! And you can tell he's an independent guy ;).

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