A couple of videos

Ethan is still obsessed with our dog beds.  He drags Cookie's bed all around the house and lays in it.
This week he took it to a new level and decided to play in the dog's crate.  Our poor dog has no space of her own anymore.  Here is a video of him going "night night" and "wake up" in the crate.
Ethan in the dog crate from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.
Here is a video of my cute little girl having fun in her jumper:
5 month old Alayna bouncing from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.


The Keilers said…
See how far you've come? You're now making light of Ethan playing in the dog crate. That's like a small miracle ;).
Christy said…
Well, it will save you money on a bed. :)

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