February 25th

Today was a low key day for us. I did some laundry and we took a walk down to the dark park.  I had to snap a few pictures of my kiddos too :)  Miss Alayna at 5 1/2 months:

hehe.... love her "fish lips" here... Ethan used to do the same thing at the same age

Kisses from Cookie...

She was all done here.... can you tell?  :)

My mom got Ethan this snowman a few months ago.  It lights up and has four different colors.  He has enjoyed it and the past couple of days insists on "holding" it while he watches TV.  Too funny.
And of course, he's still loving his beads :)  He came up today and told me  "I'm pretty, I have necklaces on".  hehe.  Yes Ethan, you are pretty :)


Tawny said…
Beautiful pictures!
I love Ethan's toes in that pic of him and his snowman! His little feet look so cute!
Jolene Grace said…
Just too darn precious. :-)
Kelly said…
Great shots!!! Looks like she is teething :( And I think I remember those pants!
That is the first time I have ever seen Alayna upset! Her eyes make me melt!
The Keilers said…
She is even adorable when she cries. Oh my.
And Ethan, what a dream boy, his skin is so creamy.

And your photography has gotten so good!
Eileen said…
OHMYGOSH... what great pictures! Your kids are too darn cute!!!

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