A few random things....

  • We had a nice weekend. Friday night we enjoyed some leftovers, yummy wine, and very well behaved children. It somehow felt like a date night even though it wasn't. After we put the kids to bed we caught up on some fun Tivoed shows (Modern Family, Community, The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock). We look forward to those shows the most (in addition to LOST), so it's always fun when we get to watch them. Is it lame that we look so forward to TV?
  • For Valentine's Day I made a yummy meal and my brother and mom came over and enjoyed it with us. We had rib eye steaks, baked potatoes, grilled shrimp, bread, and roasted asparagus. We topped off the meal with heart shaped brownie and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious and we all stuffed ourselves. Ethan got a few little Valentine's presents this year and was very excited about them. Holidays are so much fun with little ones :)
  • I have REALLY been enjoying my children the past couple of weeks. Alayna is just all smiles and giggles, and Ethan cracks us up constantly. They are both at such fun stages right now. Ethan just says the funniest things. Ethan does have his days, but the past few weeks have been so great. Talk to me next week and I might be saying something different, you just never know ;)
  • Ethan and Alayna LOVE their Grammy and she adores them. :)

  • Ethan is REALLY into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now. I have to admit it's really nice to have him enjoy a show. In the mornings when I need him to be entertained so I can get ready, I put that on for him and he won't move the entire time. I can totally understand how it can be easy for parents to just turn on the TV too often for their kids. It's definitely an easy out! It seems like he went very quickly from not caring at all about TV to us having to limit it.
  • I was sitting outside one evening and happened to have my zoom lens when this beautiful little guy landed on the fountain. I love watching hummingbirds. I really need to buy a new feeder as my other one broke.

  • After reading Amy's bow tutorial I decided to try to make some bows again (my last ones didn't turn out great). I had success this time... yay. I'll have to make a few more now that I think I might have gotten the hang of it. I only made one decent one...

  • The weather has been GORGEOUS the past few days. The hills are green from the rain, and it's clear, sunny and warm. It's been nice.


i love that pic of your mom with the kids, Alayna is totally looking back at the camera! your kids are SO photogenic!
and hey....we LIVE by our tivoed shows! i am counting down my pregnancy based on whats on tv each week....so its TOTALLY ok!
Rhonda said…
Love the hummingbird picture. And the pic of the kids with your mom - priceless. Their smiles are so fabulous! It's rare to see them still. And your bow turned out really mice. Your little Alayna sure is a cutie!
Charlee said…
Love bow making! Ask my friend she is almost a pro she can look at a bow and figure out how to make it then I replicate her steps. The easiest ones are the korker or curly ones.

Breven was about Ethans age when mickey mouse clubhouse was his favorite but it was new at the time so when his b-day rolled arround we couldn't do that as a theme :( I would suggest Tivo a few for emergencies!
The Keilers said…
I love the hummingbird, how you caught the drops from the fountain! So cool.

And I love seeing both kiddos with your mama :).
Kelly said…
I'm impressed you have stuck with Lost this long. We gave up last season after getting confused for the 100th time! We also look forward to TV at night. I think with little ones, relaxing at the end of the night takes on a whole new meaning! Did you know they have a live Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show at CA Adventure?
Tonda said…
I saw you at gourmet pizza, but I didnt say anything since you probaly wouldnt know who i was :)
cute bow! If you use a lighter on the edges it will smooth it out and keep it from fraying
Christy said…
So glad you had a fun weekend. Sweet little kiddos. :)
Patty said…
Nope, you aren't lame. I look forward to flopping on the couch and watching tv too. Mindless unwinding. Its what I need at the end of the day!
So glad to hear that things are going well these days with the kiddos. They can be so aggravating sometimes, but then they say or do something that just makes you forget all about it!
Jolene Grace said…
Alayna is just so pretty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow you made. And the pic you took...INCREDIBLE! You are just so darn talented! I'm glad to hear the kids have been darlings for you lately. :-)

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