Flashlights and Keys

My mom recently gave Ethan a flashlight of his very own. If you know him, you know the kid has LOVED lights since he was little. He's in heaven with his very own flashlight. He likes to leave it on and carry it all around, and shine it on things. He knows he's not supposed to shine it into eyes.

Another recent fascination are his keys. A few weeks ago Faithy gave him a little key ring. He wanted to have a key on his keyring, so Matt put an extra key on there and then taped it up so he didn't go around scratching things. He's pretty funny because he has to have his keys when he goes outside.

He uses them to start his toy car. The other day he told me he was going to the gym, lol.

"Come on mom, just let me play and stop trying to snap pictures...."

I love how his little mind works.


Leslie said…
I need to go back and look at Ethan at 1.. I swear sometimes he looks like what I think Cade will at that age.. :)

and fun ideas.. flashlights and keys, Ry would love it.

fun fun fun
Amy said…
That's too cute!
Tawny said…
Omigosh, I was thinking in my head, "how cute how his little mind works" and then I read your last line!
Thanks for the text today! YES, lets plan a day soon? What are you thinking???
Jill said…
I love your pictures, Jess!! This post totally made me think of Maddie. She's so enthralled with flashlights!

Also, I'm hoping to stop in for a bit for the play date tomorrow...it all depends on when Mackenzie is done with her appt. and if she's not instantly asleep in the car afterward. :)
Jolene Grace said…
What a smart little boy you have. Christian loves his keys too...has to have them when he sleeps. Gotta love our boys!

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