The jumper makes its return

I recently got the jumper out for Alayna. She figured out how to bounce in it and has fun (for a few minutes) bouncing.
At first Ethan wanted to "help" her bounce, but his helping was a little too much for her, so he's not allowed to touch it. A few times when I've left it hanging I've caught him trying to get into it. Ahhhh the joys of trying to use baby items with a two year old around :)


Annette said…
yeah, it's a whole new ballgame when there are two or more. . . it's a good thing they're cute!
I used the playpen to protect Miss O from big brother I ---not to keep O from anything...and he still dumped things on her head. sigh.
Tawny said…
I am laughing out loud right now about Ethan wanting to do everything that she does...SO what happens over here! I love the pictures you got of the fit though! He'll laugh one day and say,"what, I never did that"!
She is getting so big!

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