Mom2mom Valentine's Party

Yesterday we had a fun little Valentine's Party for our Mom2mom group at church. Well, I shouldn't say we because Faith hosted it. We colored, played, and decorated sugar cookies. Ethan devoured his.

He got frosting and sprinkles all over his face.
That's what you're supposed to do right?
Some of the other cute kiddos decorating (eating) their cookies.
I tried to get a picture with both of my kids.... but to get a decent one is near impossible right now. Usually Ethan does not want to cooperate. At least they are both in it :)
Me and my sweet baby girl.... oh I could just eat her up :)
Me and Faithy
Krista and her sweet Madyson
Leighann and her sweet Jonathan
Faithy holding Alayna
Ethan loves to play the piano at the Oates house. Perhaps we'll have to get him piano lessons one day :)
Thanks for hosting Faithy! It was a fun morning :)


The Keilers said…
You and Faith are so cute :). And you made me suddenly crave sugar cookies with frosting. Yum.
Tawny said…
What a fun Valentines! I love the pictures of Ethan all messy! I think you got a good shot with both kids!
Christy said…
So glad you guys had a fun vday party. :)
Brigitte said…
Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have made it. Next time. Love the pictures. So creative.
Genn said…
I think that is a cute picture with both kids too. Looks like a fun party. Cute pic of Ethan playing piano. And you look cute in the picture of you and your friend. I like your shirt.

Happy Valentine's weekend to you and yours. ;)
Rhonda said…
Love love LOVE the photo collages!!!
Did you make them in photoshop yourself or did you buy a program or template?
Jolene Grace said…
What wonderful pics! It looked like a blast...glad you guys had fun!

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