My sweet little miss

Here are three of the pictures I did manage to snap the other day while Ethan was throwing his fit. My little girl is all smiles these days.... I love it! She's five days away from 5 months.

This one cracks me up. It looks like she's staring off into the distance deep in thought. What is she thinking about.... milk, sleeping, her exersaucer???? :)
This is where she naps lately... in her swing. This has been the best swing ever. It's been a lifesaver for me. I didn't have it with Ethan. On a very positive note she no longer sleeps in it at night. She has been sleeping in her bed the whole night and only waking up once to eat... yay.... we're making progress!!!

Playing on her playmat. I forgot to mention she's been rolling over from her tummy to her back for the past few weeks.


Charlee said…
So precious! And I love her blankie ;)
Christy said…
Oh I seriously feel the need to eat her up, shes so cute! :)
Leslie said…
oh gosh.. she is a sweetie pie.. you need to come over for a playdate.. and let our 4 play... that way I could turn my camera on your two sweeties! :) love your blog.. and I honestly have no idea why you think I accomplish very much.... lately I feel like all I do is tiptoe around mood swings??? seriously.. hahaha...

thank you for your wisdom btw... its also just nice to know there are others out there.
Rhonda said…
Love these pictures! I love the previous post too. It's so hard to get pictures of more than one kid smiling, especially when one of them is 2.
Eileen said…
Such cute images! And I love the new layout with the beautiful pictures at the top!!!
Patty said…
So cute!
We had the same swing and loved it! Glad she is sleeping better at night. YAY!! :D

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