Photo shoot gone bad

The other morning I decided to snap a couple of pictures of Alayna. I realized it had been a while since I'd taken any of her, so I plopped her down in her bumbo.
Ethan immediately came over and decided HE wanted to sit in the Bumbo. He tried to pull on Alayna's foot. Don't worry, I stopped him and scolded him.
This made him pretty crabby. I asked him if could sit next to her and I'd take a picture of both of them. Alayna, being a baby, tried to grab at Ethan's teddy's. Well this just infuriated my already crabby two year old and he went to melt down city.
Two year olds can throw very dramatic fits
Look at that crabby face..... it probably didn't help that I was snapping pictures of him :)
.... a brief pause in the screaming to cuddle with Teddy...
...followed by some rolling around on the ground
And then it was over, just like that.
Ahhhh..... the joys of having a two year old :) If I don't smile about it I'm liable to go crazy!


Charlee said…
the joys of tantrums. I still deal with them but unfortunatly with an ASD kid they are longer as they get older. Good news for you is in typical kids they get shorter and less extreme as they get bigger.
The Keilers said…
I love how you and Jolene document these boyish tantrums. So funny!

And Alayna is looking more and more like you every day :).
Mark Leonard said…
Nothing like the unpredictable moods of a 2-year-old to make photography fun.
Genn said…
Great pictures of Ethan's fit. I love taking pictures of those moments. Hopefully they will laugh at them later. :)
Christy said…
oh maaaan the tantrums, I am glad those are getting far and few between here. We survived but barely. ;)

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