Rainy day activities

Back when we had that week of rain we had to get creative in our house. Being spoiled So Cal natives we're not used to being cooped up inside for days on end. We're used to being able to play outside most days. An entire week of rain was A LOT for us.

We broke out the play dough for the first time....
Ethan enjoyed stamping it and it kept him occupied for a while.

We colored for a little while.... something that doesn't keep Ethan occupied for very long.
He tries to eat the crayons and then tires of coloring. Oh well.
We did a lot of rough housing and being silly. Ethan climbed on the furniture and ran around like a nut. We went to McDonalds one day for lunch and he had a blast running around and burning off some energy.

We watched a pair of hawks that decided our lawn had lots of yummy worms to eat
They were fun to watch
We were very happy when the sun came out and we could go outside again. We're also very happy we live in a place where we can go outside for most of the year :)


Kelly said…
I just laughed when I read about you watching a hawk. How thrilling! I only laugh, though, because we do the same exciting things around our house on days we are stuck inside. We are fan of putting the couch pillows on the ground and letting Cam jump off the bed onto them. :)
Tawny said…
I agree with that, don't know what to do with ourselves when it rains sooo much!
Cute activities, playdough is always a hit!!!

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