Stephen's 1 year photoshoot

Today I went over and took some pictures of my cute little nephew Stephen. I really can't believe that in two weeks he'll be one!!!! He is such a sweetie. It's honestly hard NOT to get good pictures of him :)

He had some fun playing with a balloon.... until Ethan popped it on the grass :)

He's a fast little crawler and I'm sure he'll be walking pretty soon
I couldn't leave out his big brother Clayton. He was happy to smile for a couple of photos for me.
Brotherly love :)


Heather Hekman said…
They turned out so cute! Thank you very much for coming over. It was great to catch up with you.
Cute pictures. . . cute subjects.
Jolene Grace said…
Precious, precious, precious. Great pics, Jess. You are so talented.

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