This is how we roll in February....

What do we do in February in Southern California?

Well, we wear sun glasses...

....and sun hats.
We lay on blankets in the shade and enjoy the beautiful weather
..... and help baby sister drink her bottle.
We enjoy weather that is in the 70's while we look at snow covered mountains that are not too far from our house.

We pose in front of trees and have fun playing with our sunglasses....
.... even though sometimes they are crooked
We look at all the beautiful flowers in our yard like these camellias...
....and these daffodils
....and the geranium that grow all year here, even though in other places they are just annuals.
We look at the beautiful Cyclamen
.... and of course the pansies. What would winter be without pansies?
Ahhhh, gotta love February in Southern California :) We're not quite ready for winter to be over yet, and hopefully it will be return for at least a little bit, but in the meantime we sure are enjoying the gorgeous weather!


Tawny said…
LOVE this post and commentary! So so true...through the traffic and budget issues, I still love doing this in winter time :)
Patty said…
So are we! We've been outdoors a LOT these past few days. Its just too nice not to! Love the crooked sunglasses picture! Too, too funny.
Jolene Grace said…
Oh sis, I just LOVE this post. I am so glad to hear your heart light and happy...something that tells me that you are healing nicely from that which has worn on you for too long. I love you girl.

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