Which one are you?

How do you feel in the morning?
Do you feel like this sometimes....

Or are you happy like this?
I guess it depends on the day for me :)


Tawny said…
Good job on your blog!!! You figured it out! To make your pics big do you edit the html or use the new editor?
I love the big pictures!
Today I'm in between both kids, but T today, totally like E!
Julie said…
definitely like Ethan... I have a terrible time waking up.

I like his new haircut though!
Genn said…
Such cute pictures! I am definitely like Ethan most mornings. At least until two cups have coffee have made their way through my system. ;)
Crystal said…
I think if I woke up to that darling smile I'd be happy everyday. Oh my goodness I could eat her up!

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