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A few random things about my kids....

Lately I've been able to give the kids a bath together.  It makes things much easier.  I still have to support Alayna.  Once she's a little better at sitting up it will be even easier.  She thinks it's great fun to take a bath with her brother. Ethan loves to sit on Matt's lap in the mornings when he eats breakfast.  Often he wants to eat out of Matt's cereal bowl.  Here they are eating together. It's really kinda cute.
I came outside the other day and found Ethan in Alayna's walker.  The silly boy was pretending to be a baby, even going so far as to suck on her toys.
Here is a video clip of him: Ethan in Alayna's walker from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Lastly, after we got home from Alayna's Dr. apt. on Tuesday Jolene stopped by with her boys to deliver some makeup.  She sells Mary Kay, so if you ever need any please order it from her!!  Anyhow, it was funny because Christian and Ethan both happened to be wearing the same shirt.  I had to get a picture of …

Alayna's 6 month checkup

This morning I took Alayna for her six month appointment (even though she's already closer to 7 months than to 6 months). She did great. She smiled and cooed and played while we waited. She tried to roll off the exam table when the Dr. was examining her. She showed us how great her lungs work when she got her shots (all FOUR of them... ouch). She quickly calmed down once her shots were over and she had her binky and a snuggle with mama. She weighed in at 15 lbs. 4 oz (39th percentile) She measured 26.5 inches long (85th percentile) A tall skinny baby.... wonder where she gets that from?  :) Perhaps the same place my son gets his height from.... being that he's as tall as most three year olds. For those of you who don't know my husband, he's 6'4".   Our kids probably don't get their height from me. After we got home I snapped a few pictures of my little sweetie pie.
She's been sticking her tongue out lately and we think it's hilarious, she looks so funny. I love…

Cool Dude

Everyone watches TV in their jammies while sucking on a binky and wearing sunglasses.... right?
The sunglasses are Ethan's latest obsession.  He tells me when he wears them that he is a "cool dude".

Yup Ethan, you are one COOL DUDE!

Pretend City

Last Thursday we packed up and headed to Pretend City in Irvine.  My mother in law came along with us and we met up with Jolene and her kiddos, and her mom. We had a very fun day.   The drive out was a bit icky as there was quite a bit of traffic, but once we got there it was worth it. This place is SO cute.  It's a toddler sized city filled with all sorts of things they can pretend to do. I didn't take along my DSLR, I didn't feel like messing with it. I brought along my point and shoot, so these aren't' the greatest.
The boys were very excited to see each other They did so much
They grocery shopped  They got to be construction workers  They could perform on a stage with costumes and music (Ethan was mesmerized by the flashing lights)  He liked these lights too.... There were tons of little cars they could "drive", like this cool BMW (don't mind my scary red eyes here)
They played at the beach
They played in the water These two had a lot of fun in the water
They c…

While Daddy mows....

Now that the weather is warm again our grass grows very quickly. Monday is yard work day. Matt comes home from work and we eat dinner. Then we all head outside while he mows the lawn. Ethan thinks this is great fun. He runs around like a nut ... and gets mighty filthy. Keep in mind that he started out pretty clean....
It's amazing how quickly he can go from clean to dirty.

Not only does he get dirty, he often gets scratched and bruised. 
He is definitely a boy. I use a LOT of Spray N wash around here :)
What did the girls do while Matt mowed and Ethan burned off some energy? This week we took pictures of all the beautiful spring flowers. Like these apricot blossoms.....

And these pretty red flowers, which the hummingbirds LOVE...

These pretty pink blossoms are on some scraggly little trees we have growing by our shed.
My six month old assistant tried her best to grab my camera.
Which made things a tad diffiuclt. But I managed to snap a few decent shots.  We took pictures of the neighbor's lilac…