Alayna's 6 month checkup

This morning I took Alayna for her six month appointment (even though she's already closer to 7 months than to 6 months).
She did great.
She smiled and cooed and played while we waited.
She tried to roll off the exam table when the Dr. was examining her.
She showed us how great her lungs work when she got her shots (all FOUR of them... ouch).
She quickly calmed down once her shots were over and she had her binky and a snuggle with mama.
She weighed in at 15 lbs. 4 oz (39th percentile)
She measured 26.5 inches long (85th percentile)
A tall skinny baby.... wonder where she gets that from?  :)
Perhaps the same place my son gets his height from.... being that he's as tall as most three year olds.
For those of you who don't know my husband, he's 6'4".  
Our kids probably don't get their height from me.
After we got home I snapped a few pictures of my little sweetie pie.

She's been sticking her tongue out lately and we think it's hilarious, she looks so funny.
I love how you can see my reflection in her eyes... kinda cool.


Charlee said…
Both my kids are tall and its not from me. Just remember one day we will be looking up to yell at them :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
That is super cool that you can see your reflection in her eyes... You take the best pictures of your babies. Such a cutie pie.
Genn said…
That bow is adorable! Love that tongue stickin' out too! I miss that gummy baby smile from my girls!
Nikki said…
She is such a cutie..... Love her bow!

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