Another edition of "This n That"

  •  Friday night we enjoyed two hours of free child care at church.  Matt and I ate at Macaroni Grill.  The challenge is always finding somewhere you can go that will be fast enough to get in and out of, on a Friday night, and then get back to pick up the kids in time.  Usually we go some place near church.  It's so nice that our church does this once a month.  We realized we hadn't been out alone in like two months.  We decided we need to go on a date night alone at least once a month.  Once a week would be nice, but my mom already comes over and babysits for us every Tuesday, so we do get to go out, it's just that we eat with friends and it's not an "out alone" date night.
  •  Saturday Matt was a trooper and took both kids all afternoon and evening so I could enjoy some time with friends.  My dear friend Crystal was out visiting from Texas.  We went to Tyler mall and shopped for the afternoon.  It was wonderful.  We gabbed, tried on clothes, and thoroughly enjoyed one another.  Oh how I miss that girl.  I wish she lived closer.  Around 5:00 Jolene came and met up with us and we enjoyed a fun dinner at P.F. Changs.  It was such a wonderful afternoon and felt so recharged from it.  Matt did great with the kids and even took them both to Grady's 3rd birthday party by himself.  
  • Sunday I got to meet up with yet more friends.  Matt wasn't so thrilled to have to take both kids home from church alone and not get to have me with him, but he was a trooper.  I met up with three friends from high school for lunch, and then we visited a fourth friend in the hospital who had just had her baby.  It was so fun to catch up and enjoy some more friend time and get some time off as a mom.
  • I LOVE the smell of the orange blossoms and the blooming lilac right now.  When I walk outside and the beautiful fragrance wafts to my nose, it makes me breathe in and smile.  Have I mentioned how much I love spring?  :)
  • Today when Alayna was crying, Ethan ran inside and got a tissue, then ran outside to her so that he could wipe her nose for her.  It was too cute.
  • Today we went on a cute little tour of Lowes with our Tmoms group.  The kids got to plant flowers, see how paint is mixed, and watched a little demo of the forklift.  The cutest part were the little gloves and aprons they received.  Ethan didn't want to wear his, but we got to take them home.
  • We finally decided to let Alayna cry it out at night.  It hasn't been the easiest thing, but oh boy is it worth it.  I won't even say how long we let her cry, lest you think I'm a bad mom ;)  I'll just say there was quite a bit of crying for about four nights.  She's had three nights that she slept all the way through the night.  Last night she woke up twice, but only fussed a little and then went right back to sleep.  HURRAY!  It's encouraging that we're finally making progress in this area.  It's funny because we didn't have to let Ethan cry it out like this, he just slept through the night all on his own at 9 weeks old.  This was a foreign concept to me. I knew Alayna was ready because she seemed to just want to eat a little bit for comfort to be put back to sleep.  I think I just got to the point that I was so tired I was like "this is it", and honestly it hasn't even bothered me that much when she's cried at night.
Lasty, here is a comparison of both of my kids at 6 months.  I think you can definitely tell they are siblings :)
What do you think?


Grandma H. said…
Oh, yes, you can tell. So Cute!
love these posts! and im SO glad that you tried the cry it out and that it was successful!!!! yeah for you!
Crystal said…
I loved our time together too :). It was so nice to actually get some quality time together :). I miss you.

And when I don't check your blog for a week I feel like I have MAJOR catch up to do. Love your pics from Mammoth.
Charlee said…
My CIO tory we let Breven go for over 4hrs one time he was 11mo old! I went in 1 time to make sure he wasn't hurt. He was just mad and stubbourn
Rhonda said…
Yay for night time sleep!!!
When Merritt was a baby I just turned the monitor off one night because it made the crying a little easier to bear. I could still hear him through the wall, but it was the night we finally had a break through.

And yay for a great daddy and husband so you could get some quality girl time in. Go Matt!!!

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