A few random things about my kids....

Lately I've been able to give the kids a bath together.  It makes things much easier.  I still have to support Alayna.  Once she's a little better at sitting up it will be even easier.  She thinks it's great fun to take a bath with her brother.
Ethan loves to sit on Matt's lap in the mornings when he eats breakfast.  Often he wants to eat out of Matt's cereal bowl.  Here they are eating together. It's really kinda cute.

I came outside the other day and found Ethan in Alayna's walker.  The silly boy was pretending to be a baby, even going so far as to suck on her toys.

Here is a video clip of him:
Ethan in Alayna's walker from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Lastly, after we got home from Alayna's Dr. apt. on Tuesday Jolene stopped by with her boys to deliver some makeup.  She sells Mary Kay, so if you ever need any please order it from her!!  Anyhow, it was funny because Christian and Ethan both happened to be wearing the same shirt.  I had to get a picture of them together.

After asking them several times if they would stand by each other and having them ignore me, I finally bribed them with cookies.  
It worked, and I got my picture :)

Oh, and don't mind Ethan's necklace.  
At least it matches right??? :)


Tonda (charlees friend) said…
They make seats for Bathtubs or a bumbo seat works too so you dont have to hold her up
Patty said…
Cute twinsies!
Jacob and Isaac bathe together now too and while it is easier to get it all done in one deal-io, now that Isaac is more active, things get pretty crazy sometimes! Fun, but crazy. :D
Tawny said…
Hahaha, I was totally going to mention the necklace! So funny!
I LOVE giving the kids baths together! It's cute to watch them together too!
I'm also laughing about the walker because Sammy does the SAME THING! They want to be like the babies sometimes I guess!
Charlee said…
My kiddos love bath time together its great and it makes life easier and so much more fun!
Rhonda said…
Shared bath time totally liberated our night time routine. Not only did they have more fun, but it went so much more quickly for me too.
Your kiddos are so cute!
Jolene Grace said…
I've been doing bathtime together for a while now, and am so thankful. Things do get nutty though...when Jonny is a little more stable it will be easier. I LOVE the pics of E eating with Matt. SO CUTE! The pics of our boys are great too...they look so grown up! :-) LOVE YOU SIS!

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