Happy Birthday Mama

We celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend.
Being the awesome daughter that I am, I left town on her actual birthday and left her with my toddler.
Nice huh? 
Just call me daughter of the year.
Good thing my brother was a trooper and watched Ethan on her actual birthday so she could go to the horse races.  Since we were all around this past weekend we celebrated her birthday then.  It wasn't anything fancy.  We made some yummy steaks and baked potatoes and enjoyed a nice Sunday meal. 

Ethan had to help her blow out the candles on her oh so beautiful brownie (I usually do much cuter desserts than this, but it tasted good).  Alayna tried to make a grab for it, but she didn't end up with any :)

mmmmm..... dessert...... sometimes simple is tasty

The birthday girl with ALL of her babies ;)

.... and just her grandbabies
My cute hubby and I might have snuck in a few smooches....

Gosh, I sure do love this guy :)
Happy Birthday Mama!!!!


Teresa DiMillo said…
Jess you and your Hubby are just so cute. I love the picture of your mom with ALL her babies. Looks like it was a great birthday for her. My mom's 60th is coming up next week! We are planning a huge party, hopefully I can get everything done with Taelyn in tow.
Kelly said…
How fun! You and your mom have the exact same smile!
Genn said…
Aaaw, those are such cute pictures of you and your husband. You guys are a cute couple.

Happy Birthday to your Mama.
Amy said…
Those are such cute pictures of you and Matt!
Tawny said…
Your mom must LOVE that picture of "all her babies"! So sweet!
Those last three are definite framers!!! The second one is my fave!

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