Helping Hands

Ethan loves to help his sister.  
It warms my heart. 
Often he will pile all of her toys around her.

Sometimes he piles so many toys that they start overflowing.

If she drops one, he picks it up for her and gives it back.

She likes it when he talks to her, helps her, or pays any sort of attention to her.

If she takes one of his toys, he doesn't like that so much.
We're working on that.
At least for now he likes to help her :)

I love my kids :)


Charlee said…
Breven is like that he loves his sissy and helping her and playing with her and then arguing with her. Encourage it as much as you can! The better the relationship the easier things are for you! My 2 played tea party yesterday and enjoy watching toy story together.

I know it makes a momma proud to see her babies getting along.

I love Alayna's smile she is so adorable!!!
Christy said…
Ahhh helping is one thing mom but her touching his stuff is another! :) Hes practicing for having control of the remote when he is married. :)
Rhonda said…
Love the pictures.
What cuties they continue to be.
I always loved it when I had a helper to pick up the toys dropped off the saucer.

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