It's already March!

  • Last night I made this Pioneer Woman recipe for dinner.  It was very yummy... and subsequently probably not great for my hips :)  However it wasn't very hard to make.  I will definitely make it again.  I added 2 chicken breasts to the recipe, which we liked.
  • I should not have blogged about getting a good night of sleep the other week because it's gone down hill from there big time.  The most sleep I've gotten in the past week was last night, when I got 5 1/2 hours.  Alayna went down at 7:00 and then woke up at 10:00, so we tried letting her cry it out.  After about 30 minutes she seemed like she was asleep.  But then she started up again and screamed.  After 15 more minutes I gave in and went and got her.  She ate and then slept from 11:00 until 4:30.  I've created a bad habit with her because she likes to eat herself to sleep.  So.... we're gonna have to work on that.  I'll try letting her cry it out again here one of these nights.  For some reason it just pulls at my heart even more than when Ethan was a baby. The bummer thing is when both kids wake up a couple of times a night, that makes for hardly any sleep.
  • Last Thursday I had mom's night out at Claim Jumper.  They have the best happy hour.  I love their mini pizzas and the halibut fish tacos (amongst many other things).  Plus, you can't beat their happy hour prices.  I love that their bar area is huge and they usually have tables available.  I think claim Jumper is my favorite place to go to happy hour.
  • You know you're a mom when your son sits on you and you notice he's peed through his diaper because your pants are a little wet.  You go and change him and get him dressed.  You're in a hurry to leave so you look at your pants and think.... I really don't care, they're just a little wet and they don't smell bad, they will dry.  Then you leave without having changed.  Yeah, I'm classy like that.
  • This morning I planned a park day for my mom's group at church.  No one from my church showed up, but my friend Marissa came with her kids.  It ended up being great and we had a great time talking for almost two and a half hours while our kids played really well.  Yay for the moms getting to talk to another adult, and yay for the kids getting to run around and have fun :)
Those are my random thoughts for today :)


Kelly said…
*If it helps, Kendall is almost 10 months and she has reverted back to feeding twice during the night. I'm so NOT motivated to do training b/c it's just easier to feed and go back to bed!
*2 1/2 hours at a park? That's awesome!
Genn said…
Thanks for sharing the pioneer woman recipe. I might try that one.

Sorry the sleep situation has not been good.

Just wanted to say something about your new header too... if you unclick the shrink to fit option, I think it will make your header go all the way across if you want it too. Also you can get rid of those lines that go around your header too. On Clover Lane's blog post on how to make a header using picasa, at the end of it she tells you how to get rid of those lines in your HTML stuff. :)
Charlee said…
I had a harder time letting Aubree cry too I am not sure why Breven had reflux issues we didn't know about but I could let him cry for hours but not her more then 60min I go calm her down. Right now she gets up 1 or 2 times I go in tell her night night time and cover her back up and 90% of the time it works. If she is still eating at night thats a hard one to fix we waited until Aubree was 6mo to stop that one because she is so small.

Breven still gets up sometimes to go potty then back to bed other times he has nightmares and thats horrible because he is scared and freaked out other times he is sleep walking so I just take him back to his bed.

Sorry about not going to the park its hard for me to justify a trip to Redlands to visit the park if you know what I mean. I do plan to come to a few more things. I did however enjoy moms night!
Crystal said…
Oh friend I hope you can get sleep, like on a regular basis. I slept only 4.5 hours night before last and I felt like poo all day yesterday. I'm going to continue to pray for you.

And I wish so much we had a Claim Jumper! Maybe when I come out there we can meet up with Jolene there after shopping :). I'll call you when I firm it all up. xoxo
i am a random reader, but wanted to leave you a comment! i hope you don't think that's too weird. (your blog link is on twin kelly's blog. she is an old and dear friend of mine from high school.)

i appreciate your honesty. about everything. sometimes, life is hard. sometimes we don't get the chance to change our own peed on pants because a. we don't have the time, and b. we really don't care. i am soooo on the boat with you there :)

thanks for your blog. i accidentially ended up here one day a while back. it's been fun to check every so often. your family is adorable.
Tawny said…
Love that you said you went out with dried pee on your leg and then called yourself classy!
I have gone to work with dried food or spit up on my shirt or pants...because I just plain don't care-guess I'm a mom too :)
Marisa said…
Today's park playdate was definitely a success. You are so funny writing about the pee incident. That scenario is way to familiar. I can count so many times when stuff like that happened to me.
Love your random thoughts blog!!! I look forward to them! I should probably do one too sometime! And LOVE LOVE the pee statement. SO true!
Christy said…
Thats why I love you cause your SOOO classy friend. Any more class and we wouldnt gel. ;)
Teresa DiMillo said…
When I left my Doctor appointment, I passed by the park thinking I should stop by, but then there was no way you would still be there, but after reading this, you were.... next time I'll check anyway! Glad you had a great time with Marisa.
Rhonda said…
Sometimes I'm classy like that too!

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