We went on our yearly trip to Mammoth with our friends this past weekend. This is the same group of friends we have dinner with every Tuesday night.  We've gone to Mammoth with them for several years now.

My mom was awesome and kept Ethan, and we took Alayna with us.  My brother actually had Ethan one of the days.  It was my mom's birthday so she went to the horse races and Jerrod kept Ethan all day. The poor kid was all backed up and miserable, so it wasn't the easiest day for my brother.  I was grateful to both of them for watching our boy and taking such good care of him all weekend. Anyhow, I have tons of pics to share so let me get posting.....

After dropping off Cookie at the "doggy nursery" as Ethan referred to it, we came back home and my mom picked him up.  We packed up our stuff in the Oates-mobile and headed to Mammoth.  Alayna screamed quite a bit, slept, and played.  Matt and James were troopers sitting in the back seat with her.  They watched The Hangover for part of the way while Alayna slept.  We made it to Mammoth around 7:00 pm, picked up some pizza and cold beer, and went to the condo.

Friday the guys got to go snowmobiling. They had a blast doing a two hour unguided tour.  The snow was amazing this year.  They have about 30 feet on the slopes... crazy!  After the guys got back we all went to lunch at  yummy Mexican restaurant.
mmmmm..... margaritas for lunch... now that's vacation, don't ya think?

After we got out of lunch it started snowing.... and didn't stop until the middle of the night sometime.  It snowed 11 inches.  The guys headed back to the condo after lunch and the girls did a little shopping.

Alayna did really well in the condo.  She was pretty content during the day and slept well (only waking up once, yes that's good for her).

Brrrrr..... this was on Friday while it was snowing.

That evening we relaxed, drank some yummy drinks and played some Apples to Apples and a fun drawing game that we play every year.  It was fun to hang out together and not be in a hurry or have to look after our kids (except for Alayna, but she was easy).

The picture below is Jeffy.  He has mad drawing skills.  His drawings are awesome.
Matt was an excellent bartender.  He made his yummy "winter wonderland" using vodka that he infused with mint from our garden.

The next day half of us went skiing.  It was a gorgeous day.  It had stopped snowing. We were excited about all of the fresh powder on the slopes, but it actually turned out to be really rough skiing.  In the morning it was VERY windy.  There was so much powder that it was like all the runs had moguls.  It was hard skiing.  I don't think I've ever had to work so hard when I've skied.   Saying I was sore the next day is just a bit of an understatement :)

These pictures are all taken with my phone.  I wasn't about to take my DSLR out on the slopes :)
James is my sking buddy every year.  We like to take it nice and easy, and the others usually go up to the top and ski/snowboard down the bowls.  

I'm on the left and James is on the right.  This is us on one of the lifts.

The people who didn't ski met up with us for lunch and we enjoyed taking off our boots and taking a break.  Matt was so cute carrying Alayna around in the Baby Bjorn.  I told him real men wear babies :)
When I came back to the condo I took a hot shower, and I swear a shower has never felt so good, lol.  It was also nice that I didn't have to rush like I do every morning. 
After our tough day on the slopes we relaxed in the spa.  Well, I had Alayna bundled up in the Baby Bjorn while everyone else sat in the spa :)
That evening we were POOPED.  We ordered in some Thai food and played a few rounds of our drawing game.... and then we were all in bed at 9:00.  It's good we went to bed early since we lost an hour of sleep due to the time change.  We felt very old that evening :)

Ok, back to the nicer pictures that I took :)  Here are a few shots of some of the cool icicles that were hanging off the buildings.  They were HUGE!

 Hard to beleive spring is just around the corner....

It feels weird to post a "family" picture without Ethan in it.

Here are a few pictures of our friends.  
The Oates

The Mercers, with Carmen's mom Lesiel.  The condo we stay in is owned by Carmen's parents.  They are very kind to let us use it every year.  
The Mercers are expecting their first baby in just a few more weeks.  They don't know what they are having and we are all very excited to meet him or her.

The Odenbaughs, with Leighann's sister Kaitlyn.

Every year before we leave the condo on Sunday we take group pictures in front of the walkway.  We joke that they are kinda like prom pictures because we are all lined up.  Here is a shot of the whole group.

You can see all the snow behind us.
To give you an idea of how high the snow was, here is a picture of Matt standing next to it.  
He is 6'4".

Here are the guys, who call themselves the "core four".  Kinda funny :)

Here are the girls.

We had a yummy breakfast on our way out of town.
It's always nice to fill up your belly before a long road trip.

Here are a few pictures I took from the car on the way out of town.  All the snow covered hills looked beautiful.  It's always so sad to leave.

Goodbye Mammoth!  See you again next year!

The drive home was similar to the drive up.... 
lots of screaming from Alayna
some napping 
some playing
lots of conversation between the adults
and once we got home.... a very tired mama and dad who had a great weekend.

Unfortunately that night both of our kids were up several times.  
Ethan was in pain from his stomach ache (and lack of pooping all weekend).  It's always nice to come home to a vacation and have a night like that.
We just tried to remember how relaxed we were just a little while earlier ;)


Tawny said…
What a fun trip and great pictures! It's so hard to believe that there is that much snow up there when it has been SO gorgeous down here!!!
Jolene Grace said…
WOW...what a wonderful trip you had! I'm glad it was so fun for you all. :-)
Charlee said…
Glad you had a good time.

If you need any home remedies or tricks to keep Ethan from getting backed up let me know. Brevens medication used to do the same so I have a few things that work without resorting to laxatives, or enemas (which Breven has had both)
Kelly said…
What an awesome trip! I know it was hard to be away from Ethan, but that's great that you could have a little more of a relaxing time with just Alanya. And I'm sure he had a blast while you were gone anyway!!
Julie said…
I love your collages! Great pictures of what appears to be a really really fun weekend!
Christy said…
Great pictures Jess! The ones of the three of you are so stinkin' cute. I used to go through the stomach thing with Morgan as well so if you need any natural remedies drop me an email. Maybe your friend above already helped ya out though. :) I'm so glad you had fun and you guys really are so cute. :) Oh and your hair looks great that length!

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