Mickey Phone

I've mentioned before that Ethan is enthralled with the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Prior to his obsession he received a Mickey Mouse phone from his Grandma and Grandpa Hekman.  This is now one of his favorite toys.  Several times a day I hear a conversation that goes something like this....

Ring Ring

Oh Hi Mickey (or Donald, or Daisy or Goofy)!
How are you doing today?

Bye Bye.
Talk to you later.


Charlee said…
Too adorable. They have some clubhouse items on clerance at the disney store right now I put them away for birthdays!
Christy said…
ahhhhh next time you talk to Mickey tell him i said Hi! :) So cute.
Rhonda said…
What a cute phone.
You should record one of those conversations sometime.

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