A new park

Last week we met up with my friend Marissa and her kids at a park (who I've known since kindergarten).  This park is right by my mom's house, but we'd never been to it before.  We packed up a picnic lunch and enjoyed yet another gorgeous spring day.

Alayna chilled in the stroller for a bit while we ate.
 She also tried to grab her brother whenever he would come talk to her.
 It made them both giggle.

Ethan was a stinker and kept sneaking the chips I brought instead of eating his fruit and sandwhich.

Marissa and her cute kiddos.

Alayna had fun giggling on the blanket with the older girls.


After a while we went on a little walk along a dirt path that leads to a cool bridge and some orange groves.  I worked up a little sweat in the sun.

We played along the bridge.

The kids thought it was great fun to sit up on this HUGE rock.

We explored the grass and saw some lizards.

(I couldn't' decide which one I liked best, so I posted both)

We saw lots of ladybugs.
  Don't mind these two, they were just having some springtime fun ;)
I thought it was kinda funny.

One of our favorite smells in this area is the orange blossoms.  
They are oh so fragrant.

I had to take a few pictures of some of the pretty flowers around us.

The bees were loving this lavender.

We had a lovely time.  
Lately I've just had some of the best moments with my kids. 
I just want to soak them up and savor every moment.
This is such a sweet stage of life.


Kelly said…
"Soak them up". Ahhh...couldn't have said it better. :)
Genn said…
I love those days/moments when you feel like you just can't get enough of your kids!

Great park pictures too.
Noreen said…
Great pictures of your beautiful happy babies! Can't believe you caught those ladybugs in action!
Leslie said…
oh this post is so so sweet... Jessica I love it!!

and oh my he does look like Cade.. seriously...

and the ladybugs.. I totally giggled!
Tawny said…
What a beautiful park!
Okay, how did you manage to get so many amazing pictures with TWO kiddos? They are all so precise and dedicated! I couldn't do it. I always need Joe to have his eye on them :)
swell.life said…
I can smell the lavendar from my computer screen. what beautiful kiddos and beautiful pictures!
Marisa said…
Ahh... I loved reading this post. The pictures just took me back there instantly. We need to go again soon and make a photo shoot of it : ) Spring makes for some great pic's and good times!

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